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American Schools of Oriental Research
Board of Trustees Meeting
Hyatt Regency at Penn’s Landing
November 19, 2005 - Philadelphia, PA


PRESENT: Lawrence T. Geraty, President, Martha Sharp Joukowsky, Vice President, Jim Strange, Secretary, Gary Arbino, Eric H. Cline for CAMP, Sidnie W. Crawford, AIAR, Tom Davis, CAARI, Jennie Ebeling, Gus Feissel, CAARI, Nan Frederick, Barry Gittlen, Jimmy Hardin, Rachel Hallote, Timothy Harrison, Larry Herr for COP, Norma Kershaw, Ann Killebrew, Øystein LaBianca, Burton MacDonald for CAP, Eric Meyers, Beth Alpert Nakhai, David Rosenstein, B.W. Ruffner for Finance, Richard J. Scheuer, Life Trustee, Tammi Schneider, Joe D. Seger, Susan Sheridan, Lydie Shufro, Elizabeth Bloch-Smith, Stuart Swiny,  Jane C. Waldbaum, AIA, Bethany Walker, Randall Younker, Holly Andrews, Assistant Director, Selma Omerefendic, Staff,

ABSENT: P.E. MacAllister, Chairman, John Anderson, Oded Borowski, Douglas Clark, Executive Director, Ernest Frerichs, Wilfred Geschke, Melody Knowles, Nader Rastegar, Austin Ritterspach

VISITORS: Vivian Bull, Orlyn Nelson, prospective trustee, Sy Gitin

  1. Call to Order at 4:11 pm—President L.T. Geraty
  2. Approval of the Minutes of the April 30, 2005 Board of Trustees Meeting. Moved and seconded to approve:  Approved Unanimously.
  3. Report from the PresidentLawrence T. Geraty presented Orly Nelson as prospective Trustee, who was nominated by the Nominating Committee. He was Approved unanimously.
  4. Report from the Executive Director—waived.
  5. Report from the Committee on Development—David Rosenstein reported on negotiations with Schultz and Williams, consultants for development. The Development Committee now has a regular quarterly newsletter updating everyone on ASOR’s progress and needs. Our program rests upon ASOR research, heritage preservation for the general public, and staff in the Boston office to carry forward the project needs.

David introduced Scott Schultz, who used a Power Point® presentation to introduce the idea of a development program called ASOR/ASAP. The presentation was also distributed on paper. He then introduced a proposed long term development program.

The President granted the floor to Eric Meyers, who asked that the staff be excused and moved, to wit:

BE IT RESOLVED that ASOR declare itself in receivership and appoint a small ad hoc stewardship committee to operate ASOR. It was moved by Eric Meyers and seconded by Tammi Schneider. He announced that the slate of new officers has agreed not to stand for office, since no one knows the extent of personal liability, if ASOR is in receivership. There was advice to check with counsel immediately to inform the Board about the legalities of such a move. B.W. Ruffner spoke to the motion as Treasurer, pointing out that we anticipate a deficit of about $350,000 for the year. The Executive Committee recommends a budget for next year of about $600,000, which includes $100,000 in donations. The budget recommendation includes the assumption that all the work being done in Atlanta will be done in Boston. After extensive discussion, The Motion was Withdrawn by Eric Meyers and Tammi Schneider.

BE IT RESOLVED that, because of the current fiscal crisis, the current slate of officers shall continue until the end of the fiscal year in order to ask for legal clarification about receivership and to implement the plan for fundraising. Moved and seconded.  PASSED with eight abstentions.

BE IT RESOLVED that the current Executive Committee be extended until the end of this fiscal year. Moved and Seconded. Passed unanimously.

  1. Report on Investments—waived
  2. Report from AIAR—S. Crawford--waived
  3. Report from ACOR—O. LaBianca--waived
  4. Report from CAARI—G. Feissel--waived
  5. Report from the Nominating Committee—Randy Younker announced these results for the election:

For ASOR BOARD of Trustees

Institutional Slate
Joe Seger
Gary Arbino
Carol Meyers
Individual Slate
Jennie Ebeling
Beth Alpert Nakhai
Stuart Swiny

For Nominations committee
Institutional Slate
Barry Gittlen
Individual Slate
Beth Alpert Nakhai

For Agenda Committee
Institutional Slate
Rami Arav
Individual Slate
Benjamin Saidel

For Chair, Committee on Publications
Andy Vaughn

For Chair, Committee on Annual Meeting and Program
Rachel Hallote

Candidates for Board
Lydie Shufro
Eric Meyers

Voted unanimously.

  1. New Business

    BE IT RESOLVED that, due to the fiscal crisis, the Executive Committee shall have the power to make all financial decisions for ASOR and to override any committee decision with which it disagrees. It was moved by David Rosenstein and seconded by Sten LaBianca. PASSED UNANMOUSLY.

    BE IT RESOLVED that the Board condemns any kind of prejudicial statement with respect to race, gender, religion, disability, sexual orientation or age. PASSED UNANMOUSLY.

Joe Seger thanked the members of the ad hoc Nominating Committee, who were Ann Killebrew, B.W. Ruffner, Steve Ortiz, Elizabeth Bloch-Smith, and Burt MacDonald.  These candidates were selected, but will not take office as noted above (Secretary’s note: with the possible exceptions of Larry Geraty, Jim Strange, who was not asked, and P.E. MacAllister, who was absent).

Chairman of the Board Pro Temp—Joe Seger
Past President—Larry Geraty
President—Eric Meyers
Vice President—Eric Cline
Vice President—Tammi Schneider
Secretary—Jim Strange
Treasurer— P.E. MacAllister

  1. Report from the Committee on Publications—Larry Herr--waived
  2. Report from the Committee on Archaeological Policy—Burt MacDonald--waived
  3. Report from the Committee on Annual Meeting and Programs—Eric Cline--waived
  4. Further Business: Martha Joukowsky assured the Board that there would be more communication--at least monthly--with the board members.

BE IT RESOLVED that ASOR take part in the Studies in the History and Archaeology of Jordan Conference to take place at George Washington University. ACOR is involved in terms of planning and implementation. The motion died for want of a second.

  1. Adjournment at 7:39 pm.