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The American Schools of Oriental Research
Executive Committee Meeting
November 19, 2004 - San Antonio, TX


PRESENT: PE. MacAllister, Chairman, Larry Geraty, President, Douglas Clark, Executive Director, Ed Gilbert, Larry Herr for COP, Martha Sharp Joukowsky, Vice-President, Eric Cline for CAMP, Burton MacDonald for CAP, Eric M. Meyers, David Rosenstein, B.W. Ruffner for Finance, Joe D. Seger, James F. Strange, Secretary, Billie Jean Collins, Publications Office, Holly Andrews, Staff, and Selma Omerefendic, Staff

1. CTO—P.E. MacAllister, Chairman

2. Minutes approved as submitted by Jim Strange, Secretary.

3. Chairman's Report —Waived

4. President's Report-Lawrence T. Geraty (distributed by mail beforehand). Larry called attention to the paragraph recommending four trustees, to wit:

Wilfred Gescke, Oncologist, Portland, Oregon
Fred Cornforth, Developer, Caldwell, Idaho
John Anderson, M.D., New York, NY
Nader Rastegar, Businessman, Atlanta, Georgia.

They have all agreed to join the Board of Trustees, though all had commitments and could not be at this meeting.

5. Director's Report-Douglas Clark reviewed what we need to send on to the Board of Trustees:
1. A resolution that ASOR co-sponsor Doug's project and 2. The By-laws update (There was some discussion that we may need a by-laws committee.)

The EC recommends to the Board of Trustees that the following change be made to the By-laws text: [Article III, Section 3] 'These trustees shall take up their responsibilities at the beginning of the next fiscal year on July 1.' to read as follows: 'These trustees shall take up their responsibilities at the beginning of the next calendar year on January 1.'[Article IV, Section 2] 'The term of office of each officer of the Corporation shall begin on July 1 immediately following his or her election...' to read as follows: 'The term of office of each officer of the Corporation shall begin on January 1 of the next year following his or her election.'

   A New Membership Committee has been formed. Its chair is Joe Seger. Institutional Membership Vice Chair is Martha Joukowsky. Members are Gary Arbino, Oded Borowski, Tim Harrison, Melody Knowles, Tammi Schneider and graduate student Lynda Carroll. Individual Membership Vice Chair is Steve Ortiz. Members are Beth Alpert Nakhai, Teddy Burgh, Jane Grutz, Susan Sheridan, Bethany Walker, and Graduate Student Ben Porter.
   An Unprovenanced Texts Committee has also been formed, co-chaired by Eric Meyers and Patty Gerstenblith, for which the members are Piotr Michlowski, Chris Rollston, Elizabeth Stone, Richard Zettler, Ex-officio Lawrence T. Geraty, Douglas Clark, Eric Cline, Larry Herr, and Burt MacDonald. The Unprovenanced Texts Committee has already consulted with the Director General, Iraqi Museums.
   An Implementation and Strategic Planning Committee has been formed of Loren Basch, Rachel Hallote, Sten LaBianca, Carol Meyers, Eric Cline, Larry Herr, and Burt MacDonald, a graduate student, and Ex-Officio: Lawrence T. Geraty and Douglas Clark.
A new Development Committee will be formed. Chair is David Rostenstein. Members TBA.
ASOR has been working cooperatively on archaeology month in MA with the AIA, the SE Asia Group and the BU archaeology department and it has been positive. Our work with Harvard, SBL, and others has been an important step.

BE IT RESOLVED that the following policy be adopted: Publication and presentation of unprovenanced texts at ASOR meetings would be allowed if the following two criteria are both met before the study and publication occur:
1. The state Board of Antiquities and Heritage of Iraq [SBAH] gives its consent.
2. Materials to be published are returned to Iraq and are in the ownership and custody of the SBAH.
3. In addition the ASOR-sponsored publication and any future ASOR-sponsored publication of this material must include a reference to the fact that the published texts are unprovenanced. Additional facts that are known concerning the acquisition or appearance of the texts in the United States should also be included. Moved, seconded by Martha Joukowsky, PASSED UNANIMOUSLY.

BE IT RESOLVED that B.W. Ruffner be given the title "Treasurer." It was clarified that his specific role is detailed accounting. Moved by Larry Geraty. Seconded by Martha Joukowsky. PASSED UNANIMOUSLY.

   Other "news" - The ACLS President plans to visit our Board meeting at the end of April. David Rosenstein donated the iMIS software, which is installed in the Atlanta Office and will soon be installed in the Boston Office. We have a new page on the website for online giving. There will be an ASOR-sponsored NEH institute for high school teachers housed at BU. Doug is reviewing the committee system and the establishment of a "two appearance" policy for committee memberships. 

6. Financial Report - B.W. Ruffner reports that the auditors have told us to write off bad debt contributions so that we will not have large write-offs in the future. The results are that we project expenses to be about the same, but income projections are lower for the year.

BE IT RESOLVED by the Finance Committee that ASOR transfer out 4% of the Harris Fund, if the bond market does not collapse, and that we transfer out 5% of the Fellowship Fund. This comes as a motion and a second from the Finance Committee. PASSED UNANIMOUSLY.

7. Publications - Larry Herr reports that COP has elected a new COP Development Chair in the person of Ann Killebrew. COP now uses a 6-8 month overlap for new editors. COP voted in favor of the policy on Unprovenanced Texts publication. Jim Weinstein was elected for another term as Editor of BASOR and Elizabeth Carter and Elizabeth Friedman were added as new members of COP. One new issue of NEA and one new issue of BASOR have come out. Burt MacDonald's book on the survey of Buseira has appeared.

   Billie Jean Collins added that the PCQ software speeds up considerably the work in Atlanta. There is a suggestion to publish the Annual Program electronically rather than sending out 1,400 copies to everyone. There is also some consideration of sending out the Newsletter electronically. There was discussion of how the program could be a presentation piece with a message from the President, special session highlighted, how to contribute, the purpose of the organization, and so forth. Eric Cline is agreeable to take over the production of the Program. Larry Herr, BJ Collins, and Eric Cline will work out what to do about the next program.

Publications is working to get a Summary Judgment against Academic Services to return money owed ASOR.

8. CAMP - Eric Cline distributed a sheet entitled "ASOR CAMP Committee and Subcommittees Structure, Revised November 14, 2004 to reflect current-day procedures and ASOR Bylaws." The ASOR Chairman ruled that by consent the Executive Committee has agreed to these changes. There have been names proposed for new members of CAMP. The new group on CAMP includes Sharon Steadman, Jodi Magness, Aaron Brody, Jimmy Hardin, Morag Kersel, Chris Rollston and the chairs of the sub-committees. Camp voted to reconstitute the Honors and Awards Committee. Sten LaBianca has agreed to stay on one year as Chair. Norma Dever and Jim Strange have agreed to serve.

   There was a question where we are with the SBL/AAR divorce. Larry Geraty and Doug Clark have talked with the Ex. Director of SBL and discussions continue.

9. CAP - Burton MacDonald reports that a CAP tour is planned for 2005. He distributed a report and a list of ASOR applications for affiliation and renewal, 2004-2005. It was asked that institutional affiliation be listed with the projects. It was suggested that the previous summer's projects be listed in the Annual Program.

10. Old Business - none

11. New Business - Doug Clark pointed out that the ASOR logo is redesigned.

The President announced the Presidential Forum for this evening 7:00 pm followed by reception and honors and awards.

12.Adjourned, P.E. MacAllister

Respectfully submitted,

James F. Strange, Secretary