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The American Schools of Oriental Research
Executive Committee Meeting
April 30, 2004 - Boston


Present:  P.E. MacAllister, Chairman, Larry Geraty, President, Loren Basch, Joe D. Seger, David Rosenstein, Douglas Clark, Executive Director, Nan Frederick for Personnel, Larry Herr for COP, Martha Sharp Joukowsky, Vice President, Eric Cline for CAMP, Burton MacDonald for CAP, Eric M. Meyers, Austin Ritterspach, B.W. Ruffner for Finance, Dick Scheuer, Life Trustee, James F. Strange, Secretary, Billie Jean Collins, Publications Office, Holly Andrews, Staff, and Selma Omerefendic, Staff

Absent: David McCreery, Ed Gilbert

Visitors: Dick Ballou, Artemis W. Joukowsky.

1.  Call to Order—PE. MacAllister, 1:00 pm.

2.  Approval of Minutes of January 25, 2004 Executive Committee Meeting —David Rosenstein suggested a change on p. 4 so that the top paragraph read as follows: "Discussion—David Rosenstein raises concern about Publications trying to become a separate entity. We cannot have two sets of these specific committees within the organization – this creates conflict.  Larry Herr emphasizes that this document is about changes to the DP position, not the other operations of cop (such as the cop Executive Committee and the COP Development Committee), which are already part of the Manual, as per Annex F. He points out that they cannot be changed without action of the Board." 

BE IT RESOLVED that the Minutes be adopted as amended on p. 4, top paragraph. Moved by David Rosentsein, seconded. PASSED UNANIMOUSLY.

3.  Lawrence T. Geraty, President's report:  Larry Geraty has suggested a new Electronic Newsletter for the Trustees (and whoever else wants it) to keep people updated. This will not replace the printed Newsletter. We have temporarily delayed appointing an Implementation Committee for the Basch Report. Our second priority, according to the minutes, is to bring the finances under control. We have major progress on that objective due to B.W. Ruffner, Selma Omerefendic, and Douglas Clark. In the January meeting the Executive Committee voted new lay trustee slots, and the President has been contacting and cultivating individuals.  He asked the Executive Committee to use the forms provided to nominate people.  One previous chair, Gough Thompson, said he would enjoy becoming a Trustee again and has offered to fund Larry Geraty's trip in July to meet with prospective lay trustees and donors. Larry hopes the Nominating Committee will have a slate of new trustees for the fall meeting.  In January the Executive Committee voted to hire a new Development Officer. The efficiency of the Boston operation would be helped by using the iMIS system that will cost $10,000, if a donor can be located. This system is in place in Atlanta. The CAP tour for the summer should be postponed until 2006. The president reminded the Executive Committee to take certain actions today, to wit: Accept the Leon Levy bequest of about $150,000 to support libraries at the three centers; implement the plan to hire a Development Director; vote approvals on the development budget; authorize appointment of a Membership Committee; approve ASOR involvement in the pottery volume Sy Gitin is editing at the Albright. The question was raised whether this volume could be an ASOR publication. The answer was that it is up to Sy. It will be an IEJ publication first with the names of other sponsors attached.

4.  B.W. Ruffner--Report from the finance committee and other financial business: B.W. reported that he and staff have tried to repackage the Profit and Loss report so that a series of functions can be identified separately in order to make ASOR finances more easily manageable and transparent. (Two reports were distributed entitled "2 Year Comparison" one for the Boston Office and one for the Annual Meeting.) He mentioned the investment report that indicates ASOR investors are doing better than Smith Barney. Doug Clark reported that we would need substantial donor income for this budget year. The document distributed shows that we have projected about $112,000 in shortfall.

BE IT RESOLVED THAT ON JANUARY 1ST EACH YEAR ASOR moves 5% of the value of our endowment funds into the annual operating funds income budget.  Larry Geraty moved, Jim Strange seconded.  PASSED UNANIMOUSLY. 

Doug Clark pointed out that there are blanks in the budget for Torch monies in the document "Approved and Revised FY 2004 Budgets," since these monies have run out. Doug directed attention to a distributed sheet "Line of Credit." He showed how ASOR could open a line of credit, if the Executive Committee so desires. This would be intended to handle cash flow problems at specific times of the year. Larry Geraty suggests no more than $50,000 maximum.

BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of Trustees authorize the Executive Director to establish a line of credit up to $50,000 and that we require that the line of credit be paid down every year so that it can be used again, if necessary.   Larry Geraty moved, Martha Sharp Joukowsky seconded. PASSED UNANIMOUSLY

Doug pledges never to use it unless absolutely necessary and to communicate completely with the Finance Committee.

B.W. Ruffner reported for the Investment Committee: The Meyers-Wright fund needs to be tracked and made to grow.  Ruffner suggested that it be placed in a small-cap value fund and that we leave it alone until it reaches a useful size.

BE IT RESOLVED that COP be allowed to take the Publication fund account #4 out of Smith-Barney and invest it in a new mutual fund, no load account with the Vanguard Group. Moved and seconded by the Finance Committee. PASSED UNANIMOUSLY.

David Rosenstein reported for the Development Committee: David indicated that much progress had been made conceptually. Doug Clark said via a Power Point presentation that we hope to understand where we are, manage what we have and develop what we need. He pointed out that we could 1.) maintain the status quo, 2.) develop under current arrangements or, 3.) develop with big ideas. He suggests that our vote in November means that we must implement option 3.) develop with big ideas. David stressed that we need to revise the Mission Statement so as to expand our mission to the public. It was pointed out that ASOR needs constituency-building. Doug spoke to the job description for the Director of Development, for the Development Director Budget, and for the search process as distributed.

Be it RESOLVED THAT ASOR adopt the actions proposed by Doug Clark, namely, approval of a job description for the Director of Development, for the Development Director Budget, and for the search process as presented in Doug Clark's report, with the additions that the board may make for continued refinement of the concepts going forward. Larry Herr moved. Martha Sharp Joukowsky seconded. PASSED UNANIMOUSLY.

5.  Larry Herr for COP.  (Distributed).  Billie Jean pointed out that William Dever will edit a new book series designed for lay people.  JSTOR will make digital versions of our journals for libraries on-line at their expense. The Petra issue of NEA was published March, 2004. BASOR 333 appeared in April, 2004. AASOR 58 appeared March, 2004. There was discussion of putting color into BASOR and other enhancements.

6.  Eric Cline for CAMP—(report distributed). CAMP had so many submissions for papers that CAMP has rejected many submissions. CAMP does not recommend expanding the current schedule of sessions. The Lecture Series committee has been active, as has the Outreach Education Committee. There is a proposal to increase honors and awards.

7.  Burt MacDonald for CAP. Burt reminded the Executive Committee that he is not officially head of CAP until July 1, 2004.  He was present for David McCreery.  He will be in Petra in May and at the Albright in June for the conference on pastoralism. He and Doug will go to CAARI on the 26th of June for the annual workshop on Cypriot excavations. Many projects do not start until late, but Burt will not stay to visit the late starters.  He will visit several ASOR projects in Jordan and Israel when he is there. There may be only a few projects in Cyprus. It may not be possible to visit Syria. The Basch report recommends revitalization of CAP, so these visits this summer should contribute materially to this goal.  Burt asked if ASOR wishes to develop a Trustee tour, but no action was taken. There was one suggestion that ASOR organize a tour of Iran or Libya. Eric Meyers raised the question whether ASOR should revise its policy of publication of unprovenanced artifacts with respect to cuneiform tablets. Burt will contact Richard Zettler and ask his opinion.

8.  Doug Clark, Executive Director's Report.  Doug announced that in October the state of Massachusetts will have an archaeology month, and ASOR will participate.  Meanwhile Julene Miller has notified the Boston office that the Annual Meeting in 2006 is the last meeting she will prepare.  We will use Conferon, Inc. for a one-year trial for the Annual Meeting 2007. Doug pointed out that Bethany Walker has appealed for books for University of Babil in Iraq (distributed). Doug recommends buying the iMIS software for the Boston office.  This is the software that Publications is using. There is also a second iMIS package at a lower rate that Boston is considering. It was suggested that the ASOR invest $10,000 out of the Development Pledges for this software.

9.  Old Business: Why do not new Trustees take office as soon as they are elected? Doug will draft language to change the current procedures.

10.  New Business: Jim Strange raised the question whether we should change the meeting date for this meeting so as to preclude interference with university graduations. No action was taken.

BE IT RESOLVED that ASOR accept the Leon Levy bequest of $150,000 and that in conformance with the restriction of the Executors, the money be divided evenly between the three overseas centers and used for the enhancement of their library collections.  Larry Geraty moved, Larry Herr seconded.  PASSED UNANIMOUSLY.

BE IT RESOLVED that ASOR authorize the officers to appoint a Membership Committee after receiving suggestions from the Trustees. Larry Geraty moved, Larry Herr seconded.  This is to advocate for individual and institutional members. PASSED UNANIMOUSLY.

BE IT RESOLVED that ASOR endorse in principle ASOR's involvement in the pottery volume that Sy Gitin is editing and empower the leadership of ASOR to negotiate with IES and the Albright. Eric Meyers moved; Martha Joukowsky seconded.  PASSED UNANIMOUSLY.

11.  Adjournment: The Chairman called for Adjournment at 4:34 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

James F. Strange, Secretary