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The American Schools of Oriental Research
Executive Committee Meeting
September 9, 2001 - Atlanta


PRESENT: P.E. MacAllister (Chairman), Joe Seger (President), Tom Schaub (Vice-President), Jim Strange (Secretary), Ingrid Wood, Doug Clark (Chair of CAMP), Billie Jean Collins (staff), Rudy Dornemann, (Executive Director), Nan Frederick, Edward Gilbert, Al Leonard (Chair, COP), Eric Meyers, Austin Ritterspach, B.W. Ruffner, Stuart Swiny (CAARI), Gerald Vincent, Holly Andrews (staff), and Britt Hartenberger (staff).
ABSENT: Dave McCreery, Dick Scheuer
VISITORS: Holly Hendrix

1.         CTO 11:00 AM—P.E. MacAllister, Chairman.

2.         Approval of Minutes of April 29, 2001 Executive Committee Meeting—APPROVED unanimously as submitted by Jim Strange, Secretary.

3.                  Report from the President—Joe Seger (Distributed before the meeting). Mentioned two items, namely, first the retreat. Second is the near completion of the Mosaic volume. Joe called on Holly Hendrix to report on Brigitte Watkins Trueman’s candidacy for the Board of Trustees.  She indicates that she is enthusiastic about joining the board, but she must move to Germany for 18 months.  It was suggested that her joining the board be deferred. 

Joe Seger mentioned that we must certify a contract that is already in place, namely, the contract with the Facilitator, Michael O’Connor.

RESOLVED, that the contract with Michael O’Connor as facilitator of the ASOR Strategic Initiatives Retreat be approved.  Moved by Joe Seger, seconded by Eric Meyers.  PASSED unanimously.

Joe called on Walter Rast to speak for the Nominating Committee about the candidate favored for President.  That candidate is Larry Geraty.  There is no candidate to succeed Tom Schaub or Ingrid Wood yet, but Jim Strange will continue as Secretary.

RESOLVED, that the Report of the Nominating Committee be approved.  Nan Frederick moved, seconded, PASSED unanimously.

4.            Financial Reports—Rudy Dornemann and Jerry Vincent

The Executive Committee reviewed the revised budget submitted by Boston and

Atlanta offices for fiscal year 2001- 2002, and recommended further expense reductions approximating $50,000 in total.  It was agreed that the Finance Committee would review and recommend a balanced revised budget prior to the November meeting.

The preliminary June 30, 2001 ASOR P&L and Balance Sheet was discussed by Jerry Vincent.  This was an educational review of how program, time, and other categories of temporary and permanent restrictions affect not-for-profit financial activities and budgetary planning. The preliminary statements presented in this manner explained the lack of liquidity experienced this summer. It was agreed that until additional unrestricted  gifts supporting operations were received, ASOR's bills would be paid from unrestricted funds, with Finance Committee oversight. The many donations and pledges received last year were primarily intended for the Torch Campaign and endowment fund.  The audited Financial Statements, including prior year adjustments, would be reviewed at the November meeting.

Brown & Brown, ASOR's Financial Auditor was asked to draft accounting procedures consistent with the recommended not-for-profit practice and had agreed to provide an estimate for this work.

RESOLVED to seek official approval of the final 2001-2002 Final Budget at November 2001 Board meeting. The Resolution was moved, seconded, and passed unanimously.

[At 1:00 PM the Chairman and the Secretary left for their respective flights.  Joe Seger, President presided and Holly Andrews took minutes.]

Financial Reports – (continued) Jerry Vincent, Rudy Dornemann

Conversation regarding proposed budget for FY2002

Committee wanted to know if there were specific areas targeted for budget reduction so that we have some prioritization within the overall financial record keeping.

The plan is for the auditors to work with Publications (Billie Jean, Al, Tom and Jerry) on two major areas, increasing book production priorities and the Opportunity Fund (revolving book fund.)

5.            Development Report – Austin Ritterspach

Austin along with Holly Hendrix, Holly Andrews and Joe Seger has been working diligently on putting together the cultivation event for November 17 in Denver. He has been collecting names of potential supporters to invite with the help of B.W. Ruffner.  The Committee has also been working on putting together a budget for FY02, the Annual Appeal letter, foundation research and a planned giving initiative which they are hoping to get under way this year.

6.            Publications Report – Al Leonard, Billie Jean Collins

Al and Billie Jean have been looking further into the possibility of ASOR sponsoring a sailing tour along the Turkish coast through Temple World in London under the direction of David Price Williams. Any income raised through these tours would go into a temporarily restricted account for Publications’ use. They have had significant interest from the Board and have enough names to already fill one ship. These tours would also aid in the identification of potential new ASOR donors, supporters and Board members. Tours such as these also keep within ASOR’s mission of disseminating knowledge and educating the public. The Executive Committee ultimately decided that more research into liability was essential and that ASOR needed to consult their attorney before putting together a more formal agreement.

RESOLVED that ASOR will endorse Publications’ initiative to work with Temple World to conduct tours in May 2002 subject to the vetting of the proposed agreement by ASOR’s attorney and further review of the budget and liability.  PASSED unanimously.

Billie Jean added that the Publications budget for 2002, if approved, should produce a surplus. Also, that she urges the organization to legitimize the position of the Assistant to the Publications Director as it has been a temporary position for three years now.

7.            Personnel Committee Report – Nan Frederick

Nan in coordination with the Boston staff has been working on a draft of a Policy and Procedure Manual for the organization. She urged everyone to look it over carefully and get back to her with any questions or comments.

8.            Committee on Archaeological Policy – David McCreery

David offered to abridge his report given the shortage of time remaining, only commenting that he would like to see more money for CAP improvements.

9.         Committee on Annual Meeting and Programs – Doug Clark

CAMP would like to survey members who participated in the retreat in Atlanta to get their feelings on the venue in which it was held, the Emory Conference Center, and to see how they would react to the possibility of the Annual Meeting being held in a conference center as opposed to a major hotel closer to downtown.

10.              Motion to Adjourn: 1:50pm

Respectfully submitted by:

James Strange, Secretary

Holly Andrews, Assistant Director