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The American Schools of Oriental Research
Executive Committee Meeting
April 13, 2000 - Washington, DC

PRESENT: Chairman P.E. MacAllister, President Joe Seger, Vice-President Holly Hendrix, Treasurer Ingrid Wood, Nan Frederick, Eric Meyers. Ex-officio voting:  David McCreery, Victor Matthews, Al Leonard.
EX-OFFICIO: Rudy Dornemann, Holly Andrews, Billie Jean Collins.
ABSENT: James Strange, Jerry Vincent.

1. The meeting was called to order by Chairman MacAllister at 8:05am.

2. Approval of Minutes. Resolved that the minutes of the February 28, 2000 Executive Committee Meeting be approved as distributed. The motion was seconded and voted.

3. Report from the Chairman (deferred to Board Meeting)

4. President’s Report – Joe Seger

New Membership
Resolved, the Executive committee accepts President Seger’s recommendation of the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor, Belton, TX for institutional membership in ASOR and Stephen Von Wyrick as institutional Representative.

The motion was seconded and voted.

The following nominations will be put forward for Board election as Board Trustees for the Class of 2003:  New Trustees Austin Ritterspach and B.W. Ruffner (vitae attached); Continuing Trustee Gerald Vincent.

In conjunction with the Centennial, attempts have been made to secure new, non-academic presence on the ASOR Board.  This has been accomplished mainly through the efforts of PE MacAllister who has been aggressively seeking new support over the past few months with help from Joe Seger, and Holly Hendrix.

The Development Committee, under the leadership of Holly Hendrix, is in the process of being reconstituted with additional new committee members, both academic and non-academic.

President Seger mentioned that ASOR may need to form a committee on committees while we are in the process of reconstituting many of the existing committees – their function, role and mission. ASOR as an organization needs to establish where we are at this point, our Centennial year.  Holly Hendrix suggested that the Executive Committee serve as such a committee.

Holly Hendrix asked if there are term limits on the Operating Committees and some discussion ensued. Traditionally there has been little scrutiny. ASOR is in need of constructive input on how best to utilize the interests and talents of the chairs and members of the Operating Committees.

5. Financial Reports – Ingrid Wood  (see attached report)

6. Report on Development Committee – Holly Hendrix

Dr. Hendrix is attempting to construct a new and expanded Development Committee which will include new members from the Board, specifically, A. Ritterspach, K. Bermingham, B.W. Ruffner, J. Camp.  He also expressed the desire for Dave McCreery, Victor Matthews, Al Leonard and Randy Younker join as Operating Committee chairs. Holly asked permission from the Executive Committee to move ahead with this initiative.  He proposed that this new committee meet for a strategic planning session, perhaps in October 2000 in New York at Echoing Greene. Al Leonard suggested that Billie Jean Collins should also be a part of this committee.

On a final note, Dr. Hendrix encouraged all Executive Committee members who have not submitted their Campaign pledges to do so.

7. Report on Publications – Al Leonard

After reviewing the distributed report, Ingrid Wood requested that Billie Jean not publish the deferred income worksheet and Publications Financial Reports in the future so as not to confuse readers. She advises that ASOR needs to centralize its numbers and have just one set of books from now on.  Ingrid also suggested that Publications increase the cost of journals and books. We have basically been subsidizing them to this point and we are not making any money in that area. She warns that we will run out of money if we do not increase these costs.

Pertaining to the erosion in membership, Eric Meyers asked why have we had the decrease that we have over the last few years? And, how do we reclaim some of those we’ve lost or replace them?  Billie Collins revealed that some have switched from being members to just subscribers because it is cheaper. There was then some discussion on the topic of a free promotional video premium (courtesy of PE MacAllister) offer to attract new members/subscribers.

8. Report on the Committee on Archaeological Policy – Dave McCreery

The Chair informed the Committee of the projects and directors affiliated for year 2000 as published in the winter ASOR Newsletter.

In reviewing the Harris grants and others, some revision of the ASOR web site is required. Dave would like to slightly alter the forms and application process for CAP affiliation.  He suggested inviting projects that are not currently affiliated to become affiliated.  There is room for new projects and initiatives.

Saudi Arabia initiative: Many questions surround this proposal. ASOR needs to address the cultural and ethical issues of this country before agreeing to anything. It is agreed that we will send a delegation to Saudi Arabia sometime this Spring to listen to what they have in mind as far as ASOR’s involvement and if they are planning to put any limitations on our operations.  ASOR must stand by its principles.  As an arm of ASOR, CAP must have a voice and address issues. It was suggested that we consult Patty Gerstenblith after she steps down from the Albright Board since ethical issues is her area of expertise.  Dr. Meyers suggested that ASOR address issues on cultural morality by having discussions, lectures, forums, publications, etc. on ethical issues.

Dr. McCreery mentioned that he will probably not go on the CAP tour this Summer for personal reasons. He is thinking of using those people already in the mideast countries to host those on the tour. We should also make it a point to invite Board members to go on these tours.

9. Report on the Annual Meeting and Programs – Victor Matthews

Dr. Matthews wished to save his larger report for the later Board meeting.  He did reiterate the fact that he needs a grant writer for an NEH grant he is seeking.  It was proposed that ASOR should be the writer.  It could be passed back and forth and become a collective effort over the next year.  The Annual Meeting in Nashville, TN should prove once again to be a great program.  It is shaping up nicely, there are six new sections already.  The momentum from the Annual Meeting in Cambridge, MA seems to be continuing.

10. Report from the Executive Director – Rudy Dornemann

Dr. Dornemann restated the fact that the Boston office has been working very hard putting the Centennial program together.  Also, the administration office is beginning to make some attempts at improving Public Relations and Development and will continue to help Holly Andrews concentrate more on those efforts.

11. Old Business  –  there was none.

12. New Business – The next Executive Committee meeting for September, 2000 is being worked out.  (Note: This is now scheduled for September 23 at the Loews Vanderbilt Hotel in Nashville.)

13.  The meeting was adjourned at 9:55am.

Respectfully Submitted,

Holly Andrews (for James Strange)