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The American Schools of Oriental Research
Executive Committee Meeting
Henley Park Hotel, Washington, DC
January 24, 1999


Present:  Chairman MacAllister, President Seger, Treasurer Wood, Executive Director Dornemann, Gilbert, McCreery, Leonard, Frederick, Collins, Vincent, Secretary Ross.

The meeting was called to order by Chairman MacAllister at 9:10 a. m.

It was moved, seconded and passed that the minutes of the November 20, 1998, meeting be approved as distributed.

The chairman did not make a full report, but did make some remarks on the centennial and his letter soliciting contributions.

1. President's Report – Seger

President Seger noted the sending of an annual appeal letter, and commented on the possibility of some new institutional members. Negotiations with the Bayard Presse are proceeding; CAP and CAMP have been hard at work. Some progress has been made in matters concerning the centennial, and various contacts are being pursued.

2. Financial Reports – Dornemann (documents #1-6 distributed)

There was some discussion of funds available and space to be allocated at the Boston office. Vincent and Wood were asked to review certain concerns about the "publications annual appeal."

3. Development Committee – Dornemann for Hendrix

Various meetings have been projected and contacts are being made.

4. Committee on Publications – Leonard

Mr. Leonard presented a written report (#7), and commented on various items. Collins presented a resolution concerning credit card use, noting the need for certain signatures; this was seconded and passed.

In subsequent discussion various concerns were expressed on the decrease in individual memberships, it being noted that was certainly not only a concern for publications.

A draft agreement of cooperation between Bayard Presse and the ASOR was presented (#8); this differs in some details from the agreement previously faxed to the committee. The agreement has been run through various ASOR legal consultants, and various comments from them have been reported back to the task force on the Bayard negotiations. These include tax implications and whether ASOR is getting back as much as it is giving. There is a feeling that the overall picture is favorable and positive, but there are still some concerns to be met; Frederick and Vincent expressed some reservations.

It was moved, seconded, and passed to reaffirm the articles of understanding which sketch out possible terms of a formal contract between ASOR and Bayard Presse vis-à-vis a working, advisory and consultative relationship in the English publication of World of the Bible, and empower the negotiating committee to create a contract specifying the terms of our relationship.

This reaffirmation is to be forwarded to the full board.

It  was moved, seconded, and passed to affirm the Scholars' Press lease subject to reports from legal consultants.

5. Committee on Archaeological Policy – McCreery

Mr. McCreery distributed a written report (#9) and made some supplementary comments.

6. Committee on Annual Meeting and Program

Chairman Matthews' report was distributed (#10).

7. Report of the Executive Director – Dornemann

Most of Mr. Dornemann's concerns have been addressed in the previous notes

Tentative suggestions for future meetings:

Executive Committee and Full Board: April 30—May 1 in New York
Fall meeting of the Executive Committee: October 1-2 in Boston
EC and Full Board, Cambridge, Nov. 19-20

The meeting was adjourned at 12:10 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

James F. Ross, Secretary


1. Budget-to-Actual Report 07/01/98—12/31/98
2. Budget-to-Actual Report 07/01/98—1/20/99
3. ASOR Fund Balances
4. Annual Meeting Income and Expenses
5. Draft, Investment Policy for ASOR Endowment Funds
6. Report on Financial Statements, Creelman and Smith
7. Report of the Committee on Publications
8.  Draft agreement of cooperation between Bayard Presse and the ASOR
9. Report of the Committee on Archaeological Policy
10. Report of the Committee on Annual Meeting and Program