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The American Schools of Oriental Research
Board of Trustees Meeting
Renaissance Orlando Hotel, Orlando, FL
November 21, 1998


Present: Chairman MacAllister, President Seger, Executive Director Dornemann, Matthews, Hendrix, Schaub, Collins, Hansen, Vincent, Gilbert, Shufro, Moore (for the AIA), Magness, Berlin, Schneider, Gerstenblith, Spencer, Younker, Meyers, Frerichs, Ogilvy, Frederick, Blakely, MacDonald, O'Connell, Leonard, McCreery, Kershaw, Secretary Ross. Visitors: Seeman, Strange, Gitin, Allistar, N. Dever.

The meeting was called to order by Chairman MacAllister at 12:35 p.m.

It was moved, seconded, and passed that the minutes of the May 2, 1998, meeting be accepted as distributed.

1. Report from AIAR – Gerstenblith

Ms. Gerstenblith's report included remarks about program and fellowships. There has been very full use of the hostel.

2. Report from ACOR – Ogilvy

Programs at the Center were quite extensive over the last year, and there has been full use of the library and other facilities.

3. Report from CAARI – Gilbert

Mr. Gilbert announced the appointment of Robert Merrillees as the new director of the Center. He also reported the reception of various gifts, including those from Charles Harris and Giraud Foster, toward endowment.

4. Report from the Committee on Mesopotamian Studies. Distributed (#1).

5. Report of the Damascus Committee – Michael Fuller. Distributed (#2).

6. President's Report – Seger, distributed (#3).

In an expansion of his distributed report, President Seger remarked that trustee giving has reached 100% of the members, totaling $60,833.

7. Financial Reports and FY 1998 Audit – Dornemann

Executive Director Dornemann distributed various reports and audit statements (#4-#9), and commented on several items.

It as moved, seconded and passed that we move our accounts with the Mercantile Bank and all endowment funds to new accounts in Boston, yet to be determined.

8. Executive Director's Report – Dornemann, distributed (#10).

At this point in the meeting Neal Bierling of the Odyssey in Egypt Project presented a video demonstrating the project's program of outreach to children, and noted a corresponding WWW site.

9. Nominations Committee – Younker

Mr. Younker noted the results of the CAP and CAMP off-season elections by members of respective chairs: David McCreery for CAP; Victor Matthews for CAMP and announced Al Leonard's election by members as continuing chairman of the Committee on Publications.

Elected in class of 2002 for institutional trustees were: W. Dever, Harrison, Routledge, and Hopkins (one year in class of 2000); for individual trustees in class of 2002, Aufrecht, Blakely, and Swiny; for institutional representative on the agenda committee, Magness, individual representative on the agenda committee Chavalas.

Schneider was recommended to the board by membership as institutional representative on the nominating committee, and Berlin as individual representative. These were both affirmed and duly appointed by Chairman MacAllister.

Nominations to the board from the board itself were Ingrid Wood (treasurer) and Eric Meyers; it was moved, seconded and passed that these be declared elected.

The following officers were recommended to the board by the members:

Chairman – MacAllister
President – Seger
Vice President – Hendrix
Secretary – Strange
Treasurer – Wood

It was moved, seconded and passed that these be declared elected.

10. Development Committee – Hendrix

a. The committee has suggested a goal of $25,000 annual giving by individual members.
b. Foundation giving is not in very good shape at the present.
c. Major gifts are being solicited.
d. Endowment gifts are especially important.
e. Planned/deferred giving is a convenient option for some; Ed Gilbert has information on this kind of thing.
f. The board was asked to supply contacts for possible lay trustees and foundation sources.

11.  Committee on Publications – Leonard.

 A written report was distributed (#11), and chairman Leonard commented on certain items. An ad hoc committee to deal with the proposals from the Bayard Presse was appointed by the Executive Committee. This committee has met and reported, and the Executive Committee moved to

Reaffirm the articles of understanding which sketch out possible terms of a formal contract between ASOR and Bayard Presse vis-à-vis a working, advisory and consultative relationship in the English publication of World of the Bible, and empower the negotiating committee to create a contract specifying the terms of our relationship and to forward this matter to the full board.

This motion was thus on the floor; being from the Executive Committee it required no second. The motion was passed, with Anne Ogilvy abstaining (recorded at her request).

11. Committee on Archaeological Policy – McCreery

Mr. McCreery distributed a report of activities prior to the Orlando meeting (#12). The final results of CAP deliberations on various projects will be published in the Newsletter.

12. Committee on Annual Meeting and Program – Matthews

A written report was distributed (#13). The committee makes the following recommendation:

ASOR will continue to hold its Annual Meeting in the same city, just prior to the SBL/AAR Annual Meeting. The format will be either Wednesday-Saturday or Thursday- Sunday, depending upon coordination with the boards of the overseas centers and the program committee.

During the 2000 Centennial year, ASOR will meet April 13-16 in Washington, D. C. In addition, a shortened meeting will be held in November in conjunction with the SBL/AAR Annual Meeting in Nashville. There will also be a short meeting in conjunction with AIA in January 2001 in San Diego.

ASOR will resume its full Annual Meeting program in November 2001 in Denver in conjunction with the SBL/AAR meeting. The sessions will begin on either Wednesday or Thursday in the same manner as the 1999 meetings in Boston.

All of the above was moved by Matthews for the committee, and passed.

Andrew Moore, present as a representative for the AIA, emphasized the enthusiasm of that organization for closer connection with the ASOR; see also the letter from AIA Executive Director Meister appended to the CAMP report here.

13. Centennial Committee – Seger

A written report was distributed (#14). Kathleen McNamee has been suggested as the CAARI representative on the committee, subject to her agreement, replacing Vincent.

There was no old or new business, and the meeting was adjourned at 3:35 p. m.

Respectfully submitted,

James F. Ross, Secretary


1. Report of the Committee on Mesopotamian Studies
2. Damascus Committee Report
3. President's Report
4. Budget worksheet for the period 07/01/97—06/30/98
5. Budget-to-actual Report 07/01/97—06/30/98
6. Report on Financial Statements, Preliminary, including the report of independent auditors
7. Budget-to-actual Report 07/01/98—10/31/98
8. Budget-to-Actual Report 7/1/98 to 10/31/98 Updated to 11/4/98
9. ASOR Fund Balances
10. Executive Director's Report
11. Report of the Committee on Publications
12. Report of the Committee on Archaeological Policy
13. Report of the Committee on Annual Meeting and Program