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2013 Call for Papers and Program Guidelines

IV. List of Approved Sessions

Please click here for a list of the ASOR-Sponsored and Member-Organized Session Descriptions and Session Chair contact information.

* Deadline for submission of paper proposals was February 15, 2013.

ASOR-Sponsored Sessions

  • Ancient Inscriptions
  • Archaeology of Anatolia
  • Archaeology of the Black Sea and Eurasia
  • Archaeology and Biblical Studies
  • Archaeology of the Byzantine Near East
  • Archaeology of Cyprus
  • Archaeology of Egypt
  • Archaeology of Gender
  • Archaeology of Iran
  • Archaeology of Islamic Society
  • Archaeology of Israel
  • Archaeology of Jordan
  • Archaeology of Mesopotamia
  • Archaeology of the Natural Environment: Archaeobotany and Zooarchaeology in the Near East
  • Archaeology of the Near East: Bronze and Iron Ages
  • Archaeology of the Near East: The Classical Periods
  • Archaeology of Southern Arabia and Her Neighbors
  • Archaeology of the Southern Levant
  • Archaeology of Syria
  • Art Historical Approaches to the Near East
  • Cultural Heritage Management: Methods, Practices, and Case Studies
  • GIS and Remote Sensing in Archaeology
  • History of Archaeology
  • Maritime Archaeology
  • Myth, History, and Archaeology
  • Prehistoric Archaeology
  • Reports on Current Excavations-ASOR Affiliated
  • Reports on Current Excavations-Non-ASOR Affiliated
  • Technology in Archaeology: Recent Work in the Archaeological Sciences
  • Theoretical and Anthropological Approaches to the Near East

    Member-Organized Sessions for the 2013 Annual Meeting

  • A Decade of Investigations at Tel Kabri, Israel: 2003-2013
  • Archaeologies of Interaction: East Asia and Iranian Western and Central Asia
  • Archaeology in Context: History, Politics, Community, Identity
  • Basileus, Sebastos, Shah: Archaeologies of Empire and Regional Interactions in the Hellenistic and Roman Near East
  • City of Gold: Archaeological Excavations at Polis Chrysochous, Cyprus
  • Collecting and Displaying Near Eastern Art and Archaeology in the Museum
  • Conservation and Site Preservation in the Near East
  • Exploring the Production of Objects Related to Dress in the Ancient and Classical Near East
  • [The Archaeology of] Feasting and Foodways
  • Imperial Peripheries: Archaeology, History, and Society on the Edge of the Neo-Assyrian Empire
  • Intercultural Exchange between Rome and Parthia
  • Islamic Frontiers and Borders in the Near East and Mediterranean
  • Joint Archaeological Expedition to Tel el-Hesi Regional Overview
  • Landscapes of Settlement in the Ancient Near East
  • Mari and the Bible: 80 Years of Archaeology and Analysis
  • Mesopotamian Civilization:  Contextualizing Cuneiform Texts
  • Organic Residue Analysis for Archaeologists: A Workshop on Collection, Analysis and Interpretation
  • Ownership of Jordan's Cultural Heritage: Current Issues and Future Directions
  • Results from the Sciences bearing on Archaeological Materials: Observations, Measurements and Interpretations
  • Seals and Seal Use in the Ancient Near East
  • Secondary Context for Objects with no Known Origin: A Workshop about Ethics of Scholarly Research
  • Sinews of Empire: Networks in the Roman Near East
  • Testing the Canon of Ancient Near Eastern Art and Archaeology
  • The Amuq Survey
  • The Coastal Levant during the Middle Bronze Age
  • The Peqi`in Chalcolithic Cemetery -- Its Discovery, Excavation and Finds
  • The Values of ASOR: Developing a Comprehensive Ethics Policy
  • The World of the Philistines in the Iron Age Context
  • Topics in Cyberinfrastructure, Digital Humanities, and Near Eastern Archaeology
  • Twenty Years of Digging at Megiddo: Macro and Micro Archaeology Discoveries

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