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Coming soon...

We will soon have a Web interface to facilitate searching through the annotations, viewing the viewo, and downloading videos (in a variety of formats) and corresponding annotations that are of interest (as either SignStream or XML files).

About the Java applet

We have released an applet both to allow browsing of portions of our repository of SignStream data and to offer a preview of SignStream 3's capabilities. Within the applet you can view SignStream 2 data as well as explore the editing capabilities we are implementing in SignStream 3. The applet is offered as-is.

applet-iconPlease read the following system requirements and known issues before running the applet. Click here to access the Java applet.

System requirements

  • Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP
    • On Windows platforms, you must use Sun's Java runtime, and not Microsoft's so-called "Virtual Machine".
  • Mac OS X, 10.1 or later
    • Tested with Safari, Navigator, and IE. IE 5.2 or later is recommended
  • Linux (tested on RedHat 7 with Netscape and Mozilla). Make sure you have the Sun plugin properly installed to access the most current JRE.

Known issues

  • Windows
    • If using the older Java 1.3.x runtime, tooltips may not display.
  • OS X
    • Browser resizing fails to resize the applet or update scrollbars.
    • In-progress edits may render incorrectly if the browser window moved or sequence is scrolled.
    • The utterances dialog may become unusable if minimized to the Dock.
  • Linux
    • Browser resizing fails to resize the applet or update scrollbars.
  • All platforms
    • If leaving the applet page and returning, the applet may fail to load. On Windows, do a "super-reload" by holding down CTRL-SHIFT and refreshing the page. On other platforms you must open the Java console (see Applications->Utilities->Java on OS X for console settings) and type "x" to empty the JAR file cache.
    • Video is not yet implemented, due to varying implementations of media libraries and browser/applet behavior.
    • In-progress edits do not move when the sequence is resized.

Some data is also accessible online or on CD as listed below.

SignStream data from the American Sign Language Linguistic Research Project are available

• on CD-ROM

• over the WWW, from the National Center for Sign Language and Gesture Resources.(data collected since 2000, includes high quality video displaying multiple synchronized views of the signing). This is an expanding collection of data that are being made publicly available as annotations are completed and verified.