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The SignStream™ User's Guide (pdf document)

Annotation Conventions (pdf document)

General information on SignStream (with link to abstract of publication)

Neidle, C. (2001), SignStream™: A Database Tool for Research on Visual-Gestural Language. In Brita Bergman, Penny Boyes-Braem, Thomas Hanke, and Elena Pizzuto, eds., Sign Transcription and Database Storage of Sign Information, a special issue of Sign Language and Linguistics 4:1/2, 203-214. (written in 2000; published in fall of 2002)

Neidle, C., S. Sclaroff, and V. Athitsos (2001), SignStream™: A Tool for Linguistic and Computer Vision Research on Visual-Gestural Language Data. In Behavior Research Methods, Instruments, and Computers 33:3, 311-320.

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