Neidle, MacLaughlin, Bahan, and Kegl (1996).
Non-Manual Correlates of Syntactic Agreement in American Sign Language.
Report No. 2, American Sign Language Linguistic Research Project. Boston University.

This article is intended to illustrate how language research that is based on videotaped data can be distributed in conjunction with the actual data. The article specifically presents our own research on the structure of American Sign Language, focusing in particular on the non-manual expression of syntactic information. Videotaped examples are provided for all grammatical sentences referenced in the article. The sentences are signed by a native ASL signer (Benjamin Bahan, one of the co-authors of the article).

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Each example sentence is contained in a separate movie file. All the movie files associated with this article take up about 40 Mb. of disk space. Note that it is not necessary to download all the movie files. You can still see what is possible in this electronic document format by downloading just a few movie files.

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Report 2, a pdf document [642 k]


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Sentence 2 [1.3 mb]


Sentence 3 [1.5 mb]


Sentence 4 [1.3 mb]


Sentence 6 [1.2 mb]


Sentence 7 [1 mb]


Sentence 8 [1.1 mb]


Sentence 11 [1.1 mb]


Sentence 12 [1 mb]


Sentence 14 (also the same as sentence 22) [1.1 mb]


Sentence 16 [1 mb]


Sentence 18 [1 mb]


Sentence 20 [1 mb]


Sentence 21 [1 mb]


Sentence 23 [1 mb]


Sentence 24 [1.3 mb]


Sentence 25 [1 mb]


Sentence 26 [800 k]


Sentence 27 [700 k]


Sentence 28 [850 k]


Sentence 29 [1 mb]


Sentence 30 [700 k]


Sentence 32 [550 k]


Sentence 34 [700 k]


Sentence 35 [900 k]


Sentence 36 [800 k]


Sentence 37 [700 k]


Sentence 38 [800 k]


Sentence 39 [600 k]


Sentence 40 [600 k]


Sentence 41 [500 k]


Sentence 42 [800 k]


Sentence 43 [1 mb]


Sentence 44 [750 k]

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