Graduate Research Fellowship in ASL Linguistics

We are pleased to announce a Graduate Research Fellowship in ASL Linguistics in conjunction with the American Sign Language Linguistic Research Project and the National Center for Sign Language and Gesture Resources, funded by the National Science Foundation. The fellow, who must be a native or near-native ASL signer, will assist with the elicitation, transcription, and linguistic analysis of ASL data. The fellowship, which provides full tuition plus a stipend, is for the academic year and is potentially renewable.

The recipient of this fellowship will be a student enrolled in a graduate program at Boston University (the interdisciplinary M.A. or Ph.D. Program in Applied Linguistics in the Graduate School, the Deaf Education Program in the School of Education, or other programs) during the academic year in question.

Those interested in the fellowship or seeking further information about it should contact Prof. Carol Neidle Candidates who wish to apply should:

  1. submit their application for admission to the appropriate Boston University graduate program following standard procedures; and

  2. send a letter describing their interests and qualifications for the fellowship (and indicating the BU program to which they are applying or in which they are currently enrolled) to Prof. Carol Neidle, Boston University Linguistics Program, 621Commonwealth Ave. room 101, Boston, MA 02215.



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