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Downloading SignStream

The current version of SignStream is 2.2. This version incorporates several bug fixes and ensures that all saved files are in the most current format. SignStream version 3, currently under development, will only open files in this format.

Those using previous versions of SignStream are URGED  to upgrade to version 2.2.

SignStream is distributed on a non-profit basis to students, educators, and researchers, for non-commercial use only. SignStream may not be redistributed without permission.

Prospective users are invited to download the program over the Internet. Those who decide to continue using the program after a trial period should become registered by paying a small one-time fee.

To obtain access to the download area please fill out this brief form. Materials available for download:

The SignStream distribution - a Stuffit archive (about 57 MB) - including all of the following:

These materials are also included on the SignStream CD-ROM, which is distributed with a large set of annotated data (NCSLGR SignStream Databases vol. 1 CD-ROM). This set of 2 CD-ROM's is available to registered users of SignStream.

System requirements

SignStream 2.2 runs on Macintosh computers running OS 8.1 or later (including OS X) and requires QuickTime 4 or later. SignStream runs on both PowerPC and earlier 680x0 platforms. The main performance demands are in relation to the video playback. More powerful systems will yield better performance.

VERY IMPORTANT: Under OS X, SignStream runs as a Classic application. Therefore, SignStream will not run on the new Intel Macintosh computers, since those do not run Classic applications!

SignStream is not currently available for Windows or UNIX platforms, but version 3 is being ported to Java to address this issue. However, there is an Applet now available that allows browsing our SignStream data repository and demonstrates some of the new editing capabilities being developed for SignStream 3. See the development area for further information.

Registering SignStream

We ask that SignStream users register the program for a small one-time fee of $25. This fee is actually for a site license; so multiple invidivuals within an organization are not required to register. Alternatively, individual licenses are available to students only for a one-time fee of $10.

Registered users will receive the 2-CD-ROM set of materials and can:

  • Access all online SignStream materials, including updates as they become available.
  • Request additional copies of the two CD-ROM set containing the current SignStream distribution and new NCSLGR SignStream databases. (The first set is free to registered users; additional sets are $10.)
  • Order additional materials on CD developed as part of the ASLLRP.

    Information about ordering the SignStream CD-ROM

Click here for a pdf form that you can fill out on line, print, sign, and mail, with a check, to Carol Neidle, BU/MFLL, 718 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, MA 02215 USA.

The cost is $25 for a site license for researchers or educators. The special student price for an individual license is $10 (plus $7 extra to have the CD-ROM set sent by airmail outside of the US and Canada, if desired). Registered SignStream users may receive additional CD-ROM sets at a cost of $10 each.

(We can only accept checks in US dollars made payable to Boston University; we cannot take purchase orders or credit card payments; an invoice can be provided upon request. Payment should be mailed, along with the registration/order form, to Carol Neidle, BU-MFLL, 718 Commonwealth Ave.., Boston, MA 02215 USA.)

Feedback from users

We welcome feedback, comments, and suggestions from users.