Prof. Bob Murowchick meets with elementary school students from Everett, MA.

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Jar burial at the Yayoi Yoshinogari site, Kyūshū, Japan

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There isn’t a field in archaeology that is growing as quickly as the archaeology of East Asia. With economic development booming throughout the region, new sites come to light each day. East Asia’s rich cultural heritage has much to offer the world, yet there are few places in the United States where students and the public can go to seek out experts and scholarly resources to learn more about East Asia’s past and the lessons it holds for all of us. As East Asia grows in prominence in the world, we can no longer afford to have the study of East Asia underrepresented in our schools, universities, and museums, and the key to understanding East Asia today is to understand the vast cultural richness of its past. At ICEAACH we are dedicated to bringing East Asia’s past to everyone, but we need your help to do this.

As scholars of East Asia’s past, we are often reminded of the Chinese idiom, “飲水思源 yǐn shuǐ sī yuán – when drinking water, remember its source.” This phrase, derived from the words of the Northern Zhou Dynasty poet Yǔ Xìn 庾信 (AD 513-581), has meaning to us on many levels. It reminds us to be thankful to our teachers and to those who, through their efforts, have laid the foundations for our own work, our own understanding, and our own appreciation of the past.

Yǔ Xìn’s poem itself exhorts us to cherish the source of the water that flows before us. The source of ICEAACH’s water is donors like you. Without your help, we cannot continue our many programs that bring the heritage of ancient East Asia to students, scholars, and the public.

Your donations help us strengthen East Asian archaeology in the United States and around the world. Boston University is becoming a major training center for archaeologists and cultural heritage management specialists.

Your donation can support a cutting-edge field project in East Asia. Help us answer some of the fundamental questions in human prehistory. How did agriculture begin? How did civilization emerge? Help us discover a lost city, like City Song or Great City Shang.

ICEAACH’s library leads the field, and it is open to all. Help us keep our collections growing with the latest reports and journals. These are expensive, and we maintain our collections through donors like you.

Each year, ICEAACH hosts visiting scholars and students from across East Asia. They come here to exchange ideas and to learn the newest techniques and world archaeology advancements from our great archaeology faculty. Your donations help support their activities.

Our students need your help. It is expensive to study archaeology, and funds for students at BU are limited. We receive many applications from promising students, but in the end, they cannot afford to come here. The future of East Asia’s past is in their hands, yet without funding, many must leave the field.

We are building what hopefully will become the strongest program in East Asian archaeological research in the United States. We need your donations to help us bring in new faculty members.

Please support ICEAACH. Your giving helps protect and promote the cultural heritage of East Asia and share its many lessons. Your tax deductible gift of any amount will be used to help ICEAACH achieve its goals of supporting international research and creating and increasing public awareness of Asia’s cultural heritage.”