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JEAA Editors
Dr. Robert E. Murowchick (ICEAACH, Boston University)
Dr. Lothar von Falkenhausen (UCLA)

JEAA Managing Editor
Dr. David J. Cohen (ICEAACH, Boston University)

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Dr. Robert E. Murowchick
International Center for East Asian Archaeology and Cultural History
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The Journal of East Asian Archaeology

The Journal of East Asian Archaeology is the first English-language journal explicitly devoted to the archaeology of this major geographical region, here broadly defined as including mainland China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Mongolia, Siberia, and the adjacent regions of Central Asia. Articles published within the journal are peer-reviewed, original scholarship on all aspects of East Asian archaeology. JEAA's broad geographic focus uniquely encourages a wider view of archaeology in East Asia than is possible with the single-country or single-area orientation characteristic of many publications, and with publication in English, the journal provides access to an extensive international readership.

The Journal of East Asian Archaeology is published by Brill Academic Publishers of Leiden, The Netherlands, with the cooperation of the Society for East Asian Archaeology. The editors are Lothar von Falkenhausen (University of California, Los Angeles) and Robert E. Murowchick (ICEAACH, Boston University), with editorial responsibilities being carried out through the International Center for East Asian Archaeology and Cultural History. JEAA is an international scholarly journal, primarily directed at academics and students, with its contents aimed at being of immediate relevance to practitioners in various subfields of East Asian Studies.

Articles printed in JEAA appear with Chinese, Japanese, or Korean characters accompanying romanizations. Yet it is also an explicit intention of the journal to reach out beyond the East Asian Studies community. As an English-language publication, JEAA helps archaeologists and anthropologists working in other world regions to become better informed about the significant contributions of East Asian archaeology to the discipline as a whole. JEAA publishes archaeological reports, contributions to archaeological synthesis, specialized studies on archaeological finds from East Asia, treatments of the history of archaeological research in East Asia, as well as articles on comparative and methodological issues that incorporate materials from East Asia. JEAA also publishes book reviews, review articles, bibliographic surveys, and other research aids, such as translations of important works already published in languages other than English.

Subscriptions to JEAA may be ordered online through Brill Academic Publishers.

An online version of JEAA is available to subscribers. It also features individual articles available for purchase.

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Journal of East Asian Archaeology Advisory Board:

Gina Lee Barnes (University of Durham)
Gary E. Crawford (University of Toronto)
Corinne Debaine-Francfort (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique)
Nicola di Cosmo (Institute for Advanced Study)
Lothar von Falkenhausen (University of California, Los Angeles)
Ian Glover (University College London)
Yaroslav V. Kuzmin (Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences)
Liu Li (La Trobe University)
Koji Mizoguchi (Kyushu University)
Sarah M. Nelson (University of Denver)
Robert E. Murowchick (Boston University)
John W. Olsen (University of Arizona)
Yangjin Pak (Chungnam National University)
Vincent Pigott (University College London)
Michèle Pirazzoli-t'Serstevens (Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes)
Ken'ichi Sasaki (Meiji University)
Gideon Shelach (Hebrew University)
Alain Thote (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique)
Tsang Cheng-hwa (National Museum of Prehistory, Taidong, Taiwan)
Anne P. Underhill (Field Museum of Natural History)
Mayke Wagner (Deutsches Archäologisches Institut)
Wang Wenjian (University of Hong Kong)
Joyce C. White (University of Pennsylvania)
Robin D.S. Yates (McGill University)
Zhao Zhijun (Institute of Archaeology, CASS, Beijing)
Bettina Zorn (Museum fur Völkerkunde, Wien)