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JEAA Contents

JEAA VOL. 1, NO. 1-4 (1999)
Festschrift in Honor of K.C. Chang

Editors' Preface
• Robert MUROWCHICK, "Bibliography of Works by Kwang-Chih Chang"
• Bruce G. TRIGGER, "Shang Political Organization: A Comparative Approach"
• Roderick J. McINTOSH, "Clustered Cities and Alternative Courses to Authority in Prehistory"
• C.C. LAMBERG-KARLOVSKY, "The Indus Civilization: The Case for Caste Formation"
• Gordon R. WILLEY, "Maya Settlement and its Socio-Political Dimensions"
• YAN Wenming, "Neolithic Settlements in China: Latest Finds and Research"
• ZHANG Zhongpei, "Hollow-Footed Tripodal Pottery Vessels from the Yellow River Basin"
• ZOU Heng, "The Yanshi Shang City: A Secondary Capital of the Early Shang"
• David N. KEIGHTLEY, "Theology and the Writing of History: Truth and the Ancestors in the Wu Ding Divination Records"
• WANG Ming-Ke, "Western Zhou Remembering and Forgetting"
• LI Boqian, "The Sumptuary System Governing Western Zhou Rulers' Cemeteries, Viewed from a Jin Rulers' Cemetery"
• Richard PEARSON, "Regional Settlement in Okinawa: The Yokatsu Peninsula and its Offliers"
• Ken'ichi SASAKI, "A History of Settlement Archaeology in Japan"
• Hyung II PAI, "Japanese Anthropology and the Discovery of Prehistoric 'Korea'"

JEAA VOL. 2, NO. 1-2 (2000)
Festschrift in Honor of K.C. Chang

• John W. OLSEN, "China's Earliest Inhabitants"
• LENG Jian, and C. L. SHANNON, "Rethinking Early Paleolithic Typologies in China and India"
• TANG Chung, "The Upper Palaeolithic of North China: The Xiachuan Culture"
• ZHANG Senshui, "The Epipaleolithic in China"
• Christopher FUNG, "The Drinks are on Us: Ritual, Social Status, and Practice in Dawenkou Burials, North China"
• Anne P. UNDERHILL, "An Analysis of Mortuary Ritual at the Dawenkou Site, Shandong, China"
• LIU Li, "Ancestor Worship: An Archaeological Investigation of Ritual Activities in Neolithic North China"
• TENG Shu-p'ing, "The Original Significance of Bi Disks: Insights Based on Liangzhu Jade Bi with Incised Symbolic Motifs"
• SHAO Wangping, "The Longshan Period and Incipient Chinese Civilization"
• CH'EN Fang-mei, "Some Thoughts on the Dating of Late Shang Bronze Weaponry"
• ZHANG Changshou, "A Comparative Study of the Ding Bronze Vessels from Xin'gan"
• Wilhelm SOLHEIM, III, "Taiwan, Coastal South China and Northern Viet Nam and the Nusantao Maritime Trading Network"
• Jonathan H. KRESS, "The Malacoarchaeology of Palawan Island"
• Diane N. O'DONOGHUE, "Critical Distance: Replacing the Practice of Chinese Art History"
• Erika E. S. EVASDOTTIR, "Rereading Rethinking Archaeology: What the Present Can Learn from the Past"
• WANG Aihe, "Antiquity, Modernity, and Social Theory"

JEAA VOL. 2, NO. 3-4 (2000)
Special Thematic Issue:
Clashes of Iron: Armor, Weaponry, and Warfare
in Early East Asian States

• Gina L. BARNES, "Guest Editor's Preface"
• Albert E. DIEN, "A Brief Survey of Defensive Armor across Asia"
• Albert E. DIEN, "Armor in China before the Tang Dynasty"
• Gina L. BARNES, "Archaeological Armor in Korea and Japan: Styles, Technology, and Social Setting," with three appendices:
• Appendix I. FUJIO Shin'ichiro, "The Relationship between Kaya and Silla and Western Japan in Terms of Iron Production from the First Century BC to the Sixth Century AD"
• Appendix II. YOSHIMURA Kazuaki, "Iron Armor and Weapons in Protohistoric Japan"
• Appendix III. SHIN Kyung Cheol, "Relations between Kaya and Wa in the Third to Fourth Centuries AD"
• YANG Hong, "Lamellar Armor and Horse Bardings in Yamato and Koguryo and Their Connections with China"
• KANG Bong Won, "A Test of Increasing Warfare in the Samguk sagi against the Archaeological Remains in Yongnam, South Korea"
• Donald B. WAGNER, "Chinese Monumental Iron Castings"

JEAA VOL. 3, NO. 1-2 (2001)
Festschrift in Honor of K.C. Chang

• Editors' Preface
• Kwang-Chih CHANG, "Reflections on Chinese Archaeology in the Second Half of the Twentieth Century"
• TSANG Cheng-Hwa, "Maritime Adaptations in Prehistoric Southeast China: Implications for the Problem of Austronesian Expansion"
• LI Kuang-Ti, "Prehistoric Marine Fishing Adaptation in Southern Taiwan"
• Heather A. PETERS, "Ethnicity Along China's Southwestern Frontier"
• Yun Kuen LEE, "Status, Symbol, and Meaning in the Dian Culture"
• Robert E. MUROWCHICK, "The Political and Ritual Significance of Bronze Production and Use in Ancient Yunnan"
• Lothar von FALKENHAUSEN, "The Use and Significance of Ritual Bronzes in the Lingnan Region During the Eastern Zhou Period"
• WU Hung, "Rethinking Warring States Cities: An Historical and Methodological Proposal"
• XU Pingfang (translated byTaotao HUANG and John MOFFETT), "The Archaeology of the Great Wall of the Qin and Han Dynasties"
• Robin D. S. YATES, "Slavery in Early China: A Socio-Cultural Approach"
• SU Bai (translated by FENG Jiren), "Notes on Visits to the Horyuji Temple in Nara, Japan"
• Robert E. MUROWCHICK and CHEN Xingcan, "Bibliography of Works by Kwang-chih Chang: Supplementary Listing"

JEAA VOL. 3, NO. 3-4 (2001)

Special Section: Mortuary Analysis in East Asian Archaeology

• Francis ALLARD and Gideon SHELACH, "Guest Editors' Preface to the Special Section"
• Francis ALLARD, "Mortuary Ceramics and Social Organization in the Dawenkou and Majiayao Cultures"
• Rowan FLAD, "Ritual or Structure? Analysis of Burial Elaboration at Dadianzi, Inner Mongolia"
• Gideon SHELACH, "Apples and Oranges? A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Burial Data From Northeast China"
• Lothar von FALKENHAUSEN , "Shangma: Demography and Social Differentiation in a Late Bronze Age Community in North China"
• MIZOGUCHI Koji, "Time and Genealogical Consciousness in the Mortuary Practices of the Yayoi Period, Japan"
• Charlotte HORLYCK, "Tracking Chronological Change in Korean Burials of the Koryo Period"
• Robert D. DRENNAN, "Tales From the Crypt: Learning From Mortuary Evidence in Archaeology"
End of Special Section

• Yaroslav V. KUZMIN, "Radiocarbon Chronology of Paleolithic and Neolithic Cultural Complexes from the Russian Far East"
• Junko HABU, "Book Review: Ruins of Identity: Ethnogenesis in the Japanese Islands," by Mark J. Hudson, University of Hawai'i Press, Honolulu (1999)

JEAA VOL. 4, NO. 1-4 (2002)

• YUAN Jing, LIANG Zhonghe, WU Yun, and JIA Xiaobing, "Shell mounds in the Jiaodong Peninsula: A study in environmental archaeology"
• TONG Enzheng (edited by Lothar von Falkenhausen), "Magicians, magic, and shamanism in ancient China"
• PENG Bangben, "In search of the Shu kingdom: Ancient legends and new archaeological discoveries in Sichuan"
• Helen LOVEDAY, "Diversity in Eastern Zhou bronze casting: A look at a group of openwork vessels"
• Martin KERN, "Methodological reflections on the analysis of textual variants and the modes of manuscript production in early China"
• Albert E. DIEN, "The inventory lists of tomb 86TAM386 at Astana, Turfan"
• Miranda BROWN, "Did the early Chinese preserve corpses? A reconsideration of elite conceptions of death"
• Nancy Shatzman STEINHARDT, "Changchuan tomb No. 1 and its north Asian context"
• YI Seonbok, "'Thunder-axes' and the traditional view of stone tools in Korea"
• Barry V. ROLETT, JIAO Tianlong, and LIN Gongwu, "Early seafaring in the Taiwan Strait and the search for Austronesian origins"

Special Section: The Xia-Shang-Zhou Chronology Project

• LI Xueqin, "The Xia-Shang-Zhou Chronology Project: Methodology and results"
• ZHANG Changshou, "The Xia-Shang-Zhou Chronology Project: excavations of the proto-Zhou culture in Fengxi, Shaanxi"
• ZHANG Peiyu, "Determining Xia-Shang-Zhou Chronology through astronomical records in historical texts"
• David S. NIVISON, "The Xia-Shang-Zhou Chronology Project: Two approaches to dating"
• SHAO Dongfang, "Controversy over the "Modern Text" Bamboo Annals and its relation to Three Dynasties chronology"
• Yun Kuen LEE, "Differential resolution in history and archaeology"

• C. Melvin AIKENS, "Book review: Subsistence-Settlement Systems and Intersite Variability in the Moroiso Phase of the Early Jomon Period of Japan" by Junko Habu
• Tzehuey CHIOU-PENG, "Book review: Ancient Sichuan: Treasures from a Lost Civilization" edited by Robert Bagley
• Gideon SHELACH, "Book review: The Bronze Age and Early Iron Age Peoples of Eastern Central Asia" edited by Victor H. Mair
• Miriam STARK, "Book review: Lao Pako: A Late Prehistoric Site on the Nam Ngum River in Laos" by Anna Kallen and Anna Karlstrom
• Anne P. UNDERHILL and FANG Hui, "Book review: Enduring Art of Jade Age China: Chinese Jades of Late Neolithic Through Han Periods. Volumes I and II" edited by Elizabeth Childs-Johnson

JEAA VOL. 5, NO. 1-4 (2005)

• LI Yung-ti, "On the Function of Cowries in Shang and Western Zhou China"
• Shing Müller, "Chin-Straps of the Early Northern Wei: New Perspectives on the Trans-Asiatic Diffusion of Funerary Practices"
• Donald F. McCallum, Review Article: The Emergence of Japanese Kingship, by Joan R. Piggott

Special Section: Art and Archaeology of the Sichuan Basin

• Jay XU, "Guest Editor's Preface"
• WANG Yi, "Prehistoric Walled Settlements in the Chengdu Plain"
• Jay XU, "Defining the Archaeological Cultures at the Sanxingdui Site"
• Lothar von FALKENHAUSEN, "The External Connections of Sanxingdui
" • ZHU Zhangyi, ZHANG Qing, and WANG Fang, "The Jinsha Site: An Introduction"
• SUN Hua, "The Zhuwajie Bronzes"
• Alain THOTE, "Lacquer Craftsmanship in the Qin and Chu Kingdoms: Two Contrasting Traditions (Late 4th to Late 3rd Century BC)"
• Michael NYLAN, "Ordinary Mysteries: Interpreting the Archaeological Record of Han Sichuan"
• Susan N. ERICKSON, "Eastern Han Dynasty Cliff Tombs of Santai Xian, Sichuan Province"

• Mark ALDENDERFER: "Book review: Antiquities of Northern Tibet: Pre-Buddhist Archaeological Discoveries on the High, and Antiquities of Upper Tibet: Pre-Buddhist Archaeological Sites on the High Plateau" by John Vincent Belleza
• Shing Müller: "Book review: Das Grab des Bin Wang. Wandmalereien der Östlichen Han-Zeit in China" by Susanne Greiff and Shenping Yin
• Fumiko Ikawa-Smith: "Book review: Radiocarbon Chronology of the Stone Age of Northeast Asia" by Yaroslav V. Kuzmin, ed.

JEAA VOL. 6, NO. 1-4 (forthcoming)
Special Thematic Issue:
Recent Advances in the Archaeology of Viet Nam


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