Field Projects at ICEAACH

Coring in Shangqiu

Investigations into Early Shang Civilization

ICEAACH is home to a pioneer archaeological field project in China. Our international team us searching for the lost Bronze Age ritual center of the Shang Dynasty kings known as Great City Shang. Read more about this multidisciplinary project, where advanced geophysical methods meet with the historical traditions, and the lost Eastern Zhou city of Song is discovered. Learn more...

The Early Rice Agriculture and Pottery Production Project: Reconstructing the Origins of Agriculture in South China

Prof. David Cohen of ICEAACH has teamed with archaeologists from Hunan Province to uncover clues as to how hunter-gatherers at the end of the last Ice Age became farmers for the first time. The project has discovered the world's oldest pottery in Yuchanyan Cave and is surveying for early village sites and hunter-gatherer camps along the Yangzi River, heartland of East Asia's first farmers. Learn more...

Research at ICEAACH

ICEAACH is a major hub of scholarly activities in East and Southeast Asian archaeology and related fields. Our staff, visiting scholars, and students take part in a wide variety of research projects, with topics including:

Chinese bronze metallurgy (Bob Murowchick, in collaboration with Dr. Jianjun MEI [University of Science and Technology, Beijing] and Dr. Rongyu SU [Institute for the History of the Natural Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing], Yungti LI [Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica, Taipei], and the Needham Research Institute for the History of East Asian Science and Technology, Cambridge University)

Ethnicity and identity in early Bronze Age China (David Cohen)

The origins of agriculture in China (Cohen)

The beginnings of the Bronze Age Shang civilization (Murowchick, TANG Jigen, Cohen)

Daoism and early religions of East Asia (Insung CHANG)

Climate change and its impact on prehistoric hunter-gatherer populations in East Asia

Korean and Japanese state formation (Chang)

Vietnamese bronze production
(Trinh Van Sinh)

Paleolithic stone tool production in East Asia

Nomadic-pastoralism and early states of the Mongolian steppe (Veronica Joseph and Kaoru Makino)

Southeast Asian maritime trade

Applications of geophysical remote sensing in Southeast Asian archaeology
(Ben Vining).