Full-text Databases (BU Subscribed)

Sinica Sinoweb 台灣經典人文學刊庫
Academia Sinica Journals Archive (1928-present) (BU only)

This database provides full-text access to past and current issues of the following Sinological periodicals published in Taiwan (mostly through the academic institutes that comprise Academia Sinica), including the Bulletin of the Institute of History and PhilologyBulletin of the Institute of Chinese Literature and PhilosophyBulletin of the Institute of Modern HistoryResearch on Women in Modern Chinese HistoryOral History JournalNewsletter for Modern Chinese HistoryTaiwan Journal of AnthropologyTaiwan Historical ResearchChinese Studies, Thought and Words : Journal of the Humanities and Social Sciences, Shih-Huo MonthlyLegein Semi-Annual JournalLegein Monthly, and the Journal of Chinese Ritual, Theatre and Folklore, among others.
Published by United Digital Publications  (UDP) Company (Taipei) and marketed in the US by East View Information Services.

Airiti Library 華藝線上圖書館
Academic Publications Database (1991-present) (BU only)

Published by the Airiti Corporation 華藝數位, headquartered in Taipei.

The Chinese Electronic Periodical Service (CEPS) 中文電子期刊資料庫暨平台服務 provides full-text access to more than 3,000 Chinese language journals from around the world, including some 900 of Taiwan’s most important periodicals across the full range of humanities, social sciences, and science disciplines. Topic Range: Contents cover five main fields, including humanities, natural science, social science, applied science, medical science, and life science. Time period covered: 1991-present.

The Airiti Chinese Electronic Theses and Dissertation Service  (CETD, or 華藝中文碩博士論文資料庫) offers full-text theses and dissertations from nearly 60 of Taiwan’s most important academic and research institutions, covering the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, applied sciences, and medical and life sciences. With Chinese as the main language category, this database includes M.A. and Ph.D. theses from 59 different outstanding universities and colleges located in Taiwan or overseas. And the institutions include: National Taiwan University, National Chiao Tung University, National Chung Hsing University, National Taipei University of Technology, National Tsing Hua University, National Taipei University, Tamkang University, Kaohsiung Medical University, Taipei Medical University, Chung Shan Medical University, China Medical University, University of Hong Kong, etc.  Time period covered: 2004-present.

Airiti ARTS
Art Database (BU only)

Airiti’s ARTS database, founded in 2002, presents and indexes the world of art in all its forms in Taiwan and China, along with relevant art reviews, theses, dissertations, abstracts, and bibliographies. It features an engaging online collection of 45,000 digitized high-resolution paintings and drawings for adults and children by over 500 artists, which reflect the distinctive cultural heritage of Taiwan and Europe over many centuries. This database is continually updated with Chinese-language information on the latest exhibitions, including art reviews, research papers and multimedia images from the 1980s onward, to facilitate academic research, teaching and learning. The World Art Database has won numerous awards from central and municipal governments in Taiwan, and is a designated database for use by the Taipei City Government Bureau of Culture, public libraries and schools of various levels throughout Taiwan.