The ARC/Base Project

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A comprehensive, multilingual bibliographic database for East Asian archaeology

The ARC/Base project is a critical initiative in digital information services for the field of East Asian archaeology. While thousands of new publications are being added to the East Asian archaeological literature each year, researchers in our field still lack a comprehensive, computerized database through which to find them. Simply put, our field has now reached a crisis in its management of bibliographic sources, and because of this, it is becoming more and more difficult to conduct research efficiently and effectively. The ARC/Base Project offers a powerful solution to this crisis. Designed by archaeologists carrying out research across East Asia, ARC/Base will be a continuously updated, internet-based, multilingual database of bibliographic records on East Asian archaeology. This international, collaborative project is being organized by the International Center for East Asian Archaeology and Cultural History (ICEAACH) at Boston University (USA). While creating a database that will be as large and complete as ARC/Base is in an immense endeavor, the Project’s potential for success lies in its “divide and conquer” strategy. Our large, international team of collaborating institutions will share responsibilities for inputting bibliographic data from their home regions into the ARC/Base database. The end result will be the comprehensive, searchable database that our field now so desperately needs. In recognition of this need, major funding for the implementation of ARC/Base was provided by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.