Asian Ethnology


Asian Ethnology is registered as an Open Access Journal. All issues of the journal, including the current one, are freely downloadable.

Asian Ethnology is a semi-annual, peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the promotion of scholarly research on the peoples and cultures of Asia. It began in China as Folklore Studies in 1942 and later moved to Japan where its name was changed to Asian Folklore Studies. It is currently co-edited and published at Nanzan University in Nagoya, Japan and Boston University in the United States.

Asian Ethnology seeks to deepen understanding and further the pursuit of knowledge about the peoples and cultures of Asia. We wish to facilitate intellectual exchange between Asia and the rest of the world, and particularly welcome submissions from scholars based in Asia. The journal presents formal essays and analyses, research reports, and critical book reviews relating to a wide range of topical categories, including

  • narratives, performances, and other forms of cultural representation
  • popular religious concepts
  • vernacular approaches to health and healing
  • local ecological/environmental knowledge
  • collective memory and uses of the past
  • cultural transformations in diaspora
  • transnational flows
  • material culture


  • Benjamin Dorman, Nanzan Institute for Religion & Culture
  • Frank J. Korom, Boston University


  • David White, Nanzan Institute for Religion & Culture


  • Brian Loh, Boston University


  • Mark Bender, The Ohio State University
  • Clark Chilson, University of Pittsburgh
  • Coralynn V. Davis, Bucknell University
  • Thomas David Dubois, The Australian National University
  • R. Michael Feener, National University of Singapore
  • Clare Harris, University of Oxford
  • Laurel Kendall, American Museum of Natural History
  • Charlene E. Makley, Reed College
  • Roald Maliangkay, The Australian National University
  • Anne E. McLaren, University of Melbourne
  • William S. Sax, Heidelberg University
  • Scott Schnell, University of Iowa
  • Juliane Schober, Arizona State University
  • Nicholas Thomas, University of Cambridge


  • Nanzan University
    • Robert Croker
    • James W. Heisig
    • Michiaki Okuyama
    • Andreas Riessland
    • Paul L. Swanson