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BUCSA Director’s Lunchtime Talk: Overstepping the Humanities Crisis: Reflections on Archiving and Conceptualizing Global Human Memory

DATE: Monday, February 27, 2017 TIME: 12:30-2 PM LOCATION: 750 Commonwealth Ave, EPC Rm. 204 Professor Wiebke Denecke will discuss the “humanities crisis,” the incisive drop in the image of the humanities, in enrollments and student interest, and in funding and support for humanistic inquiry. Surveying the practices of global comparisons over the past decades, the lecture addresses the ethical challenges and responsibilities in the study of human memory. Throughout, the lecture throws light on how in particular East Asia might shape global comparisons in a way that can energize, even reconfigure the study of Western antiquity and European cultural history.

BU New England Seminar: World is Coming: The Media Machine

DATE: Feb. 8, 2017 TIME: 4:30-8:30 PM LOCATION: 121 Bay State Road, Boston University  The world has been with us since human life began. It was all pervasive, in the DNA shared with others, the domesticated plants and animals, the undomesticated pests, the goods cherished, and the stories told, and the “others” envied, fought, or emulated. It became part of the ever-present mental horizon only with the dramatic increase in the mobility of information, goods and people since the early nineteenth century. In this process media – books, newspapers, images, moving images, and digitized information – played a key role in making “the world” a daily reality for an ever wider range of people. The New England Asia Seminar will address this role with four... More