Annual Theme for 2017-2018: Asia’s Cultural Heritage

The Art of Ritual
January and February 2018

In Asia, as in many cultures, the origin of ritual is linked to religious practices. Ritual is a lived and living tradition, from antiquity through to the present day. From its earlier religious roots, ritual practices have expanded and entered into the ceremonies of everyday life including theater arts, dance, the tea ceremony, weddings and funerals. The focus of many our events will be on ritual culture in Asia’s religious and philosophical traditions. We will also present a conference on “Asia’s Past, Asia’s Present: Issues of Cultural Heritage Preservation Today…and Tomorrow,” to introduce and discuss the broad range of threats facing Asia’s cultural heritage, as well as the diverse international efforts to raise awareness and devise solutions to ensure that these cultural heritage traditions survive and thrive for future generations.



Contested Heritage:
Monuments, Politics, and
Memory in Asia

March 16, 2018

Religion in Asia

The Rise of
New Religions in Asia

March 19 – 20, 2018