Graduate Certificate in Asian Studies

BUCSA is pleased to offer the Graduate Certificate in Asian Studies. Graduate students in any Boston University graduate or professional program can earn the certificate by fulfilling the following requirements while also fulfilling the requirements of their degree programs. The Graduate Certificate can in most cases be completed without taking courses beyond the number required for the student’s degree. The certificate will be awarded only upon completion of the degree program.

Requirements of the Graduate Certificate Program:

  • Students must successfully complete at least 16 credits of coursework (4 standard courses) in courses primarily focused on Asia, with a minimum grade of B in each course.
  • Concentration requirement:  At least three of the four courses must focus on a subregional or substantive area (e.g. East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Central Asia; comparative government, cultural/archeological preservation, Buddhism).
  • Courses must be chosen from at least two departments or schools.
  • No more than 4 credits can be earned through directed study or research, except with written permission of the Director of BUCSA.
  • Students must complete a piece of significant independent work such as an M.A., M.F.A. thesis, doctoral dissertation, or two substantial research papers in graduate-level seminars.
  • Students must demonstrate reading knowledge of an Asian language relevant to the course of study.  This will be demonstrated by passing the language proficiency test of the student’s own department where it is required; for students in schools or departments that do not offer language proficiency testing, BUCSA will arrange an assessment of reading proficiency based on a dictionary-aided, timed translation of a professionally-relevant scholarly (or equivalent) document.
  • Students must receive approval of completion from the Director of BUCSA and the student’s departmental faculty advisor.  Students are expected to consult with the BUCSA Director at the beginning of their studies in order to ensure that their planned courses will fulfill the goals of the certificate program.

Pre-Approved Courses

(Note: Other courses may be applied to the Graduate Certificate with permission of the Director of BUCSA)

CAS AH 530 Chinese and Japanese Calligraphy: History, Theory, and Practice
CAS AH 532 Japanese Print Culture
GRS AH 726 Colloquium in Japanese Art

CAS AN 505 Asian Development: The Case of Women
CAS AN 563/IR 563 Public Relations and Politics Across Cultures
CAS AN 573 The Ethnography of China and Taiwan
GRS AN 706 Comparative Family Systems in Asia
GRS AN 718 Southeast Asia: Tradition and Development

CAS AR 560 Civilizations of Central South Asia
GRS AR 790 The Archaeology of Southeast Asia
GRS AR 795 Politics, Nationalism, and Archaeology

GRS EC 721 Topics in Development Economics

CAS HI 549 Nationalism in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
CAS HI 589 Nature’s Past: Histories of Environment and Society
GRS HI 850 History of International Relations Since 1945
GRS HI 890 Modern Chinese History

CAS IR 506 India: An Emerging World Power
CAS IR 520/PO 562 The State and Public Purpose in Asia
CAS IR 527/PO 527 Political Economy of China
CAS IR 570/PO 569 Politics and Social Change in Postwar Japan
CAS IR 577/PO 578 Foreign Policy of the People’s Republic of China
CAS IR 579/PO 579 Japan in International Politics
CAS IR 585/PO 558 Problems and Issues in Post-Mao China
CAS IR 586 Islam in South Asia Politics
GRS IR 758/PO 785 Comparative Political Economy of China and India
GRS IR 764/PO 764 Seminar on China in the Contemporary World
GRS IR 765/PO 759 Japanese Political Economy
GRS IR 788/PO 789 International Relations of Asia-Pacific

GRS PH 647 Asian Philosophy

GRS RN 643 Islam in a Global Perspective
GRS RN 660 Daoist Religion
GRS RN 662 Chinese Medicine
GRS RN 675/AN 775 Culture, Society and Religion in South Asia
GRS RN 687/AN 784 Anthropology of Religion
GRS RN 688/AN 726 Oral Tradition as Verbal Art
GRS RN 725 Topics in South Asian Religion

CFA MU 559 World Music and Culture

GMS MA 720 World Religions and Healing

GSM IM 834 Competing in China
GSM IM 842 Bus Asia-Pacific
GSM IM 845 Asian Field Seminar
GSM IM 853 India Field Seminar

LAW JD 875 Human Rights: Institutions and Authorities

MET AD 667 Innovation, Global Competitiveness, and National Economic Development
MET AD 753 International Commerce: Pacific Basin and East Asia

MET ML 634 Culture and Cuisine: Asia

SED IE 593 Child Labor, Children’s Rights and Education

SPH IH 790 Leading Organizations to Achieve the Millenium Development Goals for Health
SPH IH 885 Global Trade, Intellectual Property and Public Health

STH TS 837 Comparative Religious Ethics
STH TS 846/TM846 Comparative and Historical Study of the Interaction of Religion and Society in East Asia
STH TS 862 Global Ethics in Cultural Contexts

STH TT 815 The Confucian Way
STH TT 838/TX 852 Religious Thought East and West: Maimonides in Comparative Perspective
STH TT 945 Spirituality, Medicine and Health