Graduate Courses (700 Level)

Anthropology | Art History | College of Communication | International Relations | Medical Sciences | Political Science | Religion | School of Theology

Department of Anthropology (website, bulletin)

GRS AN 744 Modern Japanese Society: Family, School, and Workplace (meets with AN 344)

Department of Art History (website, bulletin)

GRS AH 726 Colloquium: Arts of Japan
GRS AH 727
Chinese Painting Colloquium
GRS AH 820
Seminar: Asian Art

Department of International Relations (website, bulletin)

GRS IR 765 Japanese Political Economy (meets with GRS PO 759)
GRS IR 788
International Relations of Asia-Pacific (meets with GRS PO 789)

Department of Political Science (website, bulletin)

GRS PO 759 Japanese Political Economy

Department of Religion (website, bulletin)

GRS RN 725 Topics in South Asian Religion
GRS RN 730
Topics in East Asian Religion: Meditation

College of Communication, graduate only (website, bulletin)

COM JO 800 International Business and Economics Reporting
COM CM 744
International Mass Media (Summer London Program only)
COM CM 745
Comparative Political Systems (Summer London Program only)

School of Theology (website, bulletin)

STH TM 846/STH TS 846 Religion and Society in East Asia
STH TT 812
Study of Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, and Shinto
STH TT 815 The Confucian Way
STH TT 901
Core Text and Motifs (Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, and Taoism)

Division of Graduate Medical Sciences, BUMC (website)

GMS MA 684 Social History Of Chinese Medicine And Healing Traditions (part of Program in Medical Anthropology)