From the Director

Catherine Yeh, Director of the Center for the Study of Asia
Catherine Yeh, Director of the Center for the Study of Asia

Welcome to the Boston University Center for the Study of Asia! The importance of Asia as an economic force has been widely acknowledged in the last few decades. Asia as a cultural force, however, still needs to be understood; its rich culture and cultural vitality are not only true for its past but are also alive and act as a driving force in Asian society today. To help promote understanding of Asian people and Asia as a cultural sphere, we have worked since our foundation in July 2008 to serve our community of scholars and students with a rich program of on-campus events, and have offered to BU faculty our support for collaborative research ventures within and outside the university. The center is now part of a wider greater Boston community with strong ties to other local universities, the wider Boston community, nonprofit organizations and private entities working on Asia, as well as Asian government agencies.

We will continue to engage on multiple fronts in terms of serving our community and develop outreach programs, and count on the support of the College of Arts and Sciences and the Frederick S. Pardee School of Global Studies, as well as the collaboration with the International Center for East Asian Archeology and Cultural History, the Institute for the Study of Muslim Societies and Civilizations, the Center for the Study of Europe, the Pardee Center, the Center for the Humanities, other centers and institutes, and all schools and colleges at Boston University. I invite you to learn more about BUCSA and about the study of Asia at Boston University by turning to our webpage and subscribing to our Weekly Newsletter. We hope you will take advantage of our classes and events to join our vibrant community! Keep in touch!


Catherine Vance Yeh

Director of the Center for the Study of Asia