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The mission of the Boston University Center for the Study of Asia (BUCSA) is to promote comprehensive, interdisciplinary, and cross-national understanding of Asia at Boston University. Operationally, it provides a focal point and institutional support for the study of Asia across Boston University through coordination of teaching missions, support of research, community-building among faculty and students, and outreach beyond the university.

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BUCSA 2015-2016: Asian Women in Leadership

For the 2015-2016 academic year BU Center for the Study of Asia (BUCSA) has dedicated itself to a series entitled Asian Women in Leadership.  Finding that there are not only a plethora of proud, hardworking, and accomplished Asian women heading the sectors of business, politics, economics, and more, BUCSA aims to educate and encourage students and faculty alike on equal opportunity in the Asia-Pacific.  In order to accomplish this goal, Asian Women in Leadership has been split into the following three tiers:

Asian Women in Public Life: Lecture Series (Fall 2015 – Spring 2016)
The focus of this lecture series is to highlight the contribution made by women who enrich culture through their work and promote social justice, economic equality and responsible politics. As such women are often depicted in works of literature and art, the series will also deal with the representation of women as public figures and cultural icons.

Asian Women Director: Film Series (Fall 2015 – Spring 2016)
The film industry has traditionally been dominated by male directors. However, in recent decades an increasing number of women directors have come to prominence. This is also true for Asia. Many Asian women directors came to film as social activists. This has left visible traces in their films. While this is particularly true for documentary films, their commercial films also often offer a particular perspective and sensibility that reflect social issues in Asian women’s life and their struggle to define modern womanhood.

Leading Asian Women Public Forum (Spring 2016)
The Leading Asian Women Public Forum brings together outstanding women thinkers and activists engaged in different public arenas to promote social wellbeing and global consciousness, especially with regard to social justice, the environment, gender and race equality, the promotion of the arts, and community building. The aim of the Forum is for panelists to share their views regarding the most important issues of our time as they confront Asian societies.

With these three categories and the many events, lectures, panels, and seminars that fall under them BUCSA hopes to inspire attendees and participants in not only learning about the leadership and potential for excellence of Asian women, but to actively engage in it themselves.