OPPORTUNITIES: Taiwan Ministry of Education Short Term Research Grant

As the concept of the “global village” evolved, Asia has become a focal point in the 21st century. The ministry of Education, Republic of China (Taiwan) would like to encourage international students and scholars to undertake 2 to 6 months short term research activities in Taiwan. It also seeks to promote mutual understanding and academic cooperation between Taiwan and the international community.

“The Ministry of Education Short Term Research Award” was established to provide financial assistance to those who are pursuing a Ph.D. degree or Post-Doctoral fellows, whose fields of studies are related to Taiwanese culture, social science, art or its related comparative research areas to conduct their research in Taiwan. The award includes:

1. A monthly research subsidy:

  • NT$25,000 (equivalent of US$830) for PhD award recipients; and
  • NT$40,000 (equivalent of US$1,330) for Post-Doctoral fellows.

2. Airfare subsidy for one round-trip economy-class direct flight between the applicant’s home country and Taiwan.

Interested applicants need to submit a request to a host university in Taiwan or a Ministry of Education (MOE) affiliated research institute, such as the Center for Chinese Studies or the National Educational Research Institute, no later than September 30th each year for the following year’s research project.

Please see below for information related to the qualifications, applications, terms and conditions, and research report form for the award. Please email questions to education@tecoboston.org.

Taiwan Research Award Cover TECO

Taiwan Research Award Form

Taiwan Research Award Guidelines