Opportunities: Duke Semester in India

2013 Semester Postcards set 2.pdf

The Global Education Office at Duke University is pleased to be launching a new spring semester program in 2014 based in Udaipur and Bangalore, with a focus on global health, public policy, environmental conservation and development studies (one of the primary areas of concentration will be poverty reduction). In addition to coursework in the above thematic areas, students can engage in community-based research in both program locations, experience homestays in Udaipur and partake in excursions to Indian villages, wildlife sanctuaries, national parks and other sites of interest.

For more information: http://globaled.duke.edu/programs/semester/duke-semester-in-india

Deadline: recently extended to Tuesday, Oct 15, 2013

To apply: http://globaled.duke.edu/programs/semester/duke-semester-in-india/admissions

Download as PDF: Duke Semester in India postcard_FINAL