Building on Karma: The NMR Meditation Center (Thai Temple in Raynham) and Global Asian Architecture




Been Wang


Taiwan and US trained Architect Been Wang, Principal at ARC, describes the construction of the Thai Temple in Raynham. The new temple, being built on a site of approximately 55 acres, is to be the largest Thai Buddhist temple outside of Thailand. Wang led the design with associated design architects from Thailand. / The complex has four major elements: Temple, Monks’ Residence Halls, a Multi-Purpose Hall, and a Central Courtyard. The design focus is on the central axis which celebrates the roof gables. The massing of the multi-tiered gables reduces the massiveness of the structure and is characteristic both of traditional temples in Thailand and to rural New England architecture. / The centerpiece of the complex is the three story temple(contained King’s Museum, Meditation Hall and Ubosoth Hall). The Chedi (steeple) is its most prominent feature and pays tribute to Buddha. It is painted gold and reaches a soaring height of 185 feet. / The temple represents the realization of a dream for the Thai people who hoped to build a sanctuary in honor of their monarch, King Rama IX, Bhumibhol Adulyadej, who was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1927. / The Temple and Meditation Center will serve both the Thai community as well as its neighbors as a place of solace. It will also host events and provide education about Buddhism and Thai culture.



Monday, October 21, 2013


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