EVENT: An International Perspective on the Fight against Human Trafficking (3/28/2013)

4:00-6:00 pm on Thursday, March 28, 2013
College of Arts & Sciences, Room 132

Join us for a panel discussion with Hubert H. Humphrey Fellows speakers: Dr. Veerendra Mishra (India), a senior police officer and Assistant Inspector General of the Crime Investigation Department for the Madhya Pradesh State Police. Dr. Zohir Navjuvonov (Tajikistan) works as a National Program Coordinator at the International Organization for Migration in Tajikistan. Dr. Hari Paudel (Nepal) is the Joint Secretary at the Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare in the Government of Nepal. Sponsored by Boston University’s Center for the Study of Asia, Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program, The Institute for the Study of Muslim Societies & Civilizations, and the Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies Program. This event is free and open to the public. Email hhh@bu.edu for more information.

Program Abstracts

“Human Trafficking: an overview beyond conventional comprehension”
Dr Veerendra Mishra

Human Trafficking is an organized crime and gross violation of human rights, called ‘Modern day Slavery’. It is a more than 32 billion dollar industry; the world’s second largest, fastest growing criminal industry and reports estimate that more than 27 million persons are victimized every year. Despite all this hue and cry, still there is no uniformity in definition of human trafficking. Our understanding of broadening dimensions of human trafficking is still debated. How do we combat the menace unless we understand it, and comprehending the problem correctly remains a challenge.

“Human trafficking and interventions in Nepal”
Dr. Hari Paudel

Human trafficking is modern day slavery. Many innocent children and women are suffering from this heinous crime. To address the problem, integrated approach is needed. In this presentation, causes of human trafficking especially sex trafficking and the interventions that the Government of Nepal has been implementing will be highlighted. One of the major initiations to address the problem is a National Plan of Action to Combat Human Trafficking (NPA). Some major aspects of the NPA to prevent human trafficking and to protect the victims will also be presented.

“Direct Assistance for Victims of Trafficking”
Zohir Navjunov

The major theme of “Screening of Victims of Trafficking” will be provision of guidelines for organizations and individuals to precisely identify victims of human trafficking so as to be in a position to efficiently address their needs and provide them with assistance and protection. Participants of the presentation will also receive information on victim referral and the following provision of a wide range of support and assistance measures up to and including successful reintegration. The talk will be end with a discussion of the establishment of safe shelters and provision of appropriate and real assistance and protection to trafficking victims in a shelter environment.