2012 Ministry of Education Huayu Enrichment Scholarship (HES)


To encourage international students (not incl. Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao SAR students) to undertake Mandarin courses in the Republic of China (Taiwan); in order to provide them with opportunities to increase their understanding of Taiwanese culture and society, and to promote mutual understanding and interactions between Taiwan and the international community.

Award Value

A Monthly stipend of 25,000 NTD (about 850.00 USD).


June to August, 2013


15 students from Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont.


American applicants above the age of 18, who possess a high school diploma or above, excellent academic performance, and are of good moral character. Candidates with one of the following qualifications may not apply:

  • Overseas Chinese students or a national of the R.O.C.(had/currently hold a ROC (Taiwan) Passport)
  • Are currently as a registered student at a Mandarin Language Center or has been a degree seeking student at any universities or colleges in Taiwan.
  • Has already received a HES or a Taiwan scholarship, in the past.
  • Is an exchange student to Taiwan, during the scholarship period.
  • Is currently receiving financial benefits from the Taiwan government or other educational institutions.


The deadline for application is December 15, 2012.

Applicants need to submit the following documents to:

Cultural Division, TECO Boston
99 Summer Street, Suite 801
Boston, MA 02110
Attention: Levina Huang

  • An application form (can be download online at www.moebos.org)
  • Photo copies of his/her passport information page(s) or any other documents that can verify the nationality of the applicant.
  • Photo copy of the certificate of the highest credential (diploma) and original transcript (sent by school registrar’s office).
  • Photo copy of the application form sent to the Mandarin Language Center.
  • Two letters of recommendation for character and academic performance reference.

Selection Procedure

A document review and/or personal (online) interview will be processed.

Scholarship Payment Procedure

Mandarin Language Centers should follow the schedule and procedures provided by MOE to request for reimbursement and verification from the MOE.  Students should consult the Mandarin Language Centers regarding method of payment and time when fund is released.

Terms and conditions for recipients

  • The recipient should study at a university-affiliated Mandarin Language Center approved by the MOE.
  • Apply for admission according to the regulations of the center. Once admitted, the recipient should send a photocopy of the admission letter to Cultural Division, TECO Boston for confirmation. Recipients who do not send their documents before the deadline will be disqualified from the scholarship selection process.
  • The recipient should undertake at least 15 hours of language courses each week. This does not include cultural visits, speeches, and other self-learning curriculum or activities..
  • If the recipient concurrently accepts scholarships from other sources, he/ she will lose their placement in the scholarship program. He/she will also have to return the funds granted for those months he/she received multiple scholarships.
  • The termination and cancellation of a scholarship based on regulations specified by each individual Mandarin Language Center. Mandarin Language Centers have the right to terminate or revoke a scholarship if the recipient’s academic performance, moral character, or attendance record are not up to standards.
  • Before joining, recipients should purchase student accident insurance and other relevant insurance. Insurance fees can be deducted by the Mandarin Language Centers from the monthly stipend before granting to recipients.

Suspension and Revocation


  • Attendance Records: With the exception of a serious illness or accident, if a recipient is absent from his/her required language sessions for up to12 hours within a single month, the award will be suspended for one month and the stipend cannot be reclaimed.
  • Academic Performance: Beginning from the second term/quarter of his/her study in Taiwan, if a recipient’s academic average scores for a study term/quarter are less than 80 out of 100, the award will be suspended for one term and the stipend cannot be reclaimed.


A recipient will be permanently disqualified from receiving a HES and any remaining stipends will be cancelled, if one of the following situations arises:

  • Failure to achieve an average academic score of 80 for two consecutive terms of study.
  • Missing a final achievement score for any study term/quarter, with the exception of a serious illness or accident.
  • Violations of ROC (Taiwan) laws.
  • Being expelled from school due to violation of school rules.

Contact Info

If you are interested in applying, please send an e-mail for requesting application form to Levina Huang.