Wouldn’t you like to study in China? Consider Macau

Funding Opportunities

The Department of History at the University of Macau is pleased to announce studentship and assistantship opportunities for promising candidates for its MA program in Chinese History and the History of East-West Interactions. Each year the Department of History offers studentships, assistantships, and research assistantships. Most of these awards range from 9 – 12 months and are currently MOP 7500 per month (approx. US$1.00 = MOP 8.00).

Internationally Recognized

The MA Program in History is in English, supplemented by Chinese. We have a faculty of international scholars who were trained at prestigious universities in the United States, Britain, Hong Kong, and China. Our professors are on the cutting-edge of teaching and research.

Multicultural Experience

We offer a variety of courses in Chinese History, Southeast Asian History, European History, East-West Interactions, and Chinese Art History. Besides classroom instruction our students have opportunities to do historical fieldwork in China. The Programme’s carefully designed multicultural and interdisciplinary curriculum and unique location in Macau – a city that has been a privileged platform for both commercial and cultural exchanges between the East and the West for over 400 years – insure students the quality, excitement and rich resources for learning.

For More Information

University of Macau
Department of History
Department Head, Prof. George Wei:  georgew@umac.mo

We strongly encourage potential students to contact any of our faculty directly via email for information on our MA Program.

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