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Advanced Management and Consulting for the Arts (AR804)

“…Thank you so much for allowing South Shore Conservatory to participate in your Management Consulting class. I can’t tell you what an amazing and uplifting experience it has been working with this team of talented students. Each came with his/her own experience with the non-profits and the arts, and they gave generously of their time to openly give their advice throughout the project. I would like the team to return in June to make the same presentation to the full Board.”

Elaine Sorrentino, Communications Director, May 2013

Erin Coffey, Elizabeth Bouchard, Veljko P., and Cecilia YudinSouth Shore Conservatory





Consulting Team L-R: Veljko Petrickovic, Erin Coffey, Cecilia Yudin, and Elizabeth Bouchard.




Faculty member Francis Olschafskie (AR 740-Arts & the Internet) was featured in an exhibition at the Center for Book Arts in New York City. The exhibition entitled Artists Books as (sub) Culture, looked at the way artist-funded and artist-run organizations have combined a focus on book arts with a unique social mission. The exhibition included work from individual artists as well as works from museum collections including the MOMA and the Smithsonian.

Artists Books as (sub) Culture








Big Moves: Plus-Sized Dance Troupes Take the Stage

Marina Wolf Ahmad '06 Marina Wolf Ahmad '06, was recently featured in a story aired on NPR. The interview aired in San Francisco in mid-December and again in January before it was heard nationally February 15, 2006. Reporter Fawnee Evnochides focused the interview on the challenges of bringing diversity to the dance world and the artistic necessity of doing so. Evnochides taped the story in October 2005 while Marina was in San Francisco overseeing the production of Bodies in Motion, Big Moves' annual contemporary dance concert featuring plus-sized dancers.

In other Big Moves news, the East Coast branch of Big Moves (based in Boston) will be performing in New York at the end of April, in Cambridge May 19th and 20th, and in the Montreal Fringe Fest mid-June. This fall Big Moves is also planning a pilot program in pre-teen dance classes. To find out more about Big Moves and their performances, visit their website.

Staying on Her Toes

Jennifer Markham Arts Administration student Jennifer Markham performed with Margot Parsons' Dance Company in Sweeping Pools of Time: An Evening of Dances on May 2006 at the Boston University FitRec Center's Dance Theater.


The Gates

Arts Admin at The Gates in NYC In February of 2005, Arts Administration students traveled to New York City's Central Park to view Christo and Jeanne-Claude's public art exhibit The Gates.

BU's Arts Administration 10th Anniversary Celebration

Celebrating our first graduates' 10 year reunion On April 1st, 2005, Arts Administration alumni, students, faculty, staff and friends celebrated the 10th anniversary of the first graduating class. The reception was hosted by BU alumnus Peter Raimondi (MET '80, LAW '83), President and founder of The Colony Group, and Daniel Ranalli, Director of the Arts Administration program. The celebration was held at the offices of the Colony Group in the waterfront area of Boston.



Cellist Matt Haimovitz Visits AR690 The Art World

Matt Haimovitz In the fall of 2004, guest speaker Matt Haimovitz spoke to The Art World class. It was followed by a brief concert featuring his rendition of Jimi Hendrix's "Star Spangled Banner" from his new CD, Anthem. Later in the evening Matt performed at the opening ceremony for the Boston Music Awards.


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