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Message from Professor Daniel Ranalli
Founding Director (through Spring 2014), Arts Administration

Professor Daniel Ranalli

“I began the program at Boston University in 1992 with the intention of creating one of the finest arts administration programs in the country. The goal was to draw upon the wealth of Boston’s rich cultural community for teaching resources and internship opportunities. We currently have about 80 full- and part-time students who have come from around the country and the world, fairly evenly divided between the visual and performing arts. Students from both disciplines are often in classes together and we believe the exchange to be a valuable one. Although the program has expanded significantly in terms of the number of courses being offered, we have retained our commitment to hiring faculty who are active and prominent in the field, and have kept our class sizes small.”

Having lived and worked in Boston for more than 35 years, Professor Daniel Ranalli has extensive experience as an arts administrator, curator, art critic, gallery director, and artist with widespread contacts in the field throughout the country. Professor Ranalli has also worked with the National Endowment for the Arts and numerous state arts councils on to artists’ issues and support programs. As an artist, his work is in more than 25 museum collections here and abroad, and since 1974 he has had over 135 solo and group shows.



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