Wendy Swart Grossman


Wendy Swart Grossman is a nonprofit and foundation consultant with expertise in building effective partnerships, strategic planning and investment, board development, creative fundraising, publicity and social media, impact investing, and workshop facilitation. She has held positions at Harvard’s Museum of Natural History and Graduate School of Design, as well as at the Science Museum in London. Wendy brings a political background to the program, having served as the United States national campaign manager to the Fund for Democratic Elections in South Africa during Nelson Mandela’s historic 1994 campaign and as a national volunteer coordinator for U.S. presidential campaigns. She also worked in the White House Office of Scheduling and Advance under the Clinton administration.

Along with co-lecturer and collaborator Jeannette Guillemin (director ad interim, BU School of Visual Arts), Wendy designed the fast-paced and interactive Cultural Entrepreneurship course in 2013. The two penned a chapter, “Teaching Cultural Entrepreneurship in an Engaging, Strategic and Useful Way,” in the newly published Creating Cultural Capital: Cultural Entrepreneurship in Theory, Pedagogy and Practice (Eburon Publishers/University of Chicago Press, 2015).

Wendy holds an MA in Urban and Environmental Policy from Tufts, and a BA from St. Olaf College.