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Metropolitan College (MET) Graduate Full-Time Tuition

Boston University graduate students registered for 12-18 credits (3 or more courses) are considered full-time students and are billed the "flat-rate" full-time tuition:  $45,686 per year

Metropolitan College (MET) Graduate Part-Time Tuition

Boston University graduate students taking up to 2 courses or fewer than 11.5 credits are considered part-time students and pay part-time tuition, which is billed per credit.
Courses numbered 100–599:  $415 per credit
Courses numbered 600–999:  $800 per credit


Registration Fee
This fee is assessed to all part-time students on a per semester basis:  $40 per semester

George Sherman Union Fee
This fee is assessed to all full-time students on a per semester basis:  $105 per semester

Health Fee
Full-time main campus graduate students can usually use facilities at Student Health Services at no cost. There is, however, a nominal charge for certain services and tests that are not covered by the University. Questions should be directed to Student Health Services at (617)353-3575.

Medical Insurance
All domestic students enrolled in 9+ credits and all international students are required by state law to be covered under a qualifying medical insurance plan and will automatically be enrolled in Boston University's student medical insurance plan unless a student specifically opts out by the waiver deadline. If they do not sign the waiver they will be charged.

Students may complete the Medical Insurance Waiver Form online. For more information, please visit the Student Accounting Services page regarding medical insurance.

Late Fees
Late payment fees will be assessed to all students who settle their accounts after the published deadline. Late fees vary depending on full- or part-time status and date of settlement. Please visit the Student Accounting Services page for updated information on late fees.


Estimate of Expenses
The tuition listed below is for most programs. Some academic programs require additional fees. Although students are not required to enroll in Summer Term, any coursework taken during the summer or at the Center for English Language and Orientation Programs (CELOP) will require additional tuition and fees.

  12 months
Tuition $45,686
University Fees 1 $610
Health Insurance 2 $2,141
Room and Board $16,093
Books and Supplies $1,251
Incidentals (transportation and personal expenses) 3 $5,560
Total $ 71,341

Estimate for Dependents
A dependent is defined as the student's spouse or child under the age of 21. Please add the following figures to the total estimate listed above when a student will be accompanied by dependents.

  12 months
For one dependent $12,445
For two dependents $21,041
For each additional dependent, addthis figure to the estimate above for two dependents. $5,515

1. Tuition and Fees
Fees include George Sherman Union (GSU) and Health fee for the year, does not include any special fees that may be associated with specific schools/colleges.

2. Health Insurance Rates
Health insurance is required for all international students and their dependent family members. Please note that these rates are for students on the Charles River Campus, and are based on the student health insurance plan available for purchase from Boston University.

3. Incidentals
Incidentals include transportation and personal expenses.


If you wish to drop your total course load, you must complete the appropriate Withdrawal/Leave of Absence form and submit this to Metropolitan College, 755 Commonwealth Ave., Room 103. Upon receipt of your official withdrawal form, the Office of the University Registrar will adjust your account according to the Refund Policy Dates.


The Arts Administration program provides a small number of Graduate Assistantships to matriculating students. These offer up to $5,000 in tuition remission in exchange for research and administrative work (10-20 hours per week). There is also, at times, a very limited amount of scholarship support available to outstanding students. Information about both of these opportunities are made available to students when they are admitted to the degree program. Please note that Certificate students are not eligible to apply for the Graduate Assistantships or scholarships.

Financial Assistance

The Boston University Office of Financial Assistance (617-353-2965) can provide additional information about deferred payment and loan programs. Visit for more information. Learn more about Metropolitan College's Financial Aid opportunities on the MET website.


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