How to Apply

The Admissions Committee, composed of representatives of the Arts Administration faculty and administrative staff, evaluates application credentials and makes decisions regarding admission to a graduate degree or certificate program. Emphasis is placed upon the applicant’s demonstrated scholastic ability, academic aptitude for graduate study in management, maturity, previous work experience, and career potential.

Admissions Timetable

Admission is normally granted for September and January of each year. A majority of students begin in September, and a smaller number begin in January. The Admissions Committee meets on a continuing basis to review completed applications and render prompt admission decisions. To allow for processing time, applicants requiring student visas must have department applications and International Students & Scholars Office (ISSO) materials completed at least six weeks prior to the start of the semester.

In order to be considered for admission, international students applying for the Fall Semester must submit their application no later than March 15.

Graduate Admissions

Arts Administration Graduate Degree

Please continue to the Metropolitan College webpage for Graduate Degree Program Admissions to learn more about application requirements and apply online.

Certificate Programs

Please continue to the Metropolitan College webpage for Certificate Program Admissions to learn more about the application process for graduate certificate programs and apply online.

International Applicants

International students are required to attend full-time and should complete the program in 12 months. Please refer to the Metropolitan College international students application page to learn more about additional requirements and steps needed to complete the application process.