Job: Forest River Pool Spray Deck; Filter Building Facade Design

CALL TO ARTISTS: Request for Qualifications. City of Salem, Forest River Pool Spray Deck & Filter Building Facade Design (CONTRACT No. 21EX-03).

The City of Salem, MA invites artists to submit qualifications for a $40,000 (plus materials) Public Art Commission Grant Award, under MGL c. 30B, §2, to participate in the design and construction of a spray deck/splash pad and filter/pump house wall, both to be built adjacent to the new Forest River Pool and Bathhouse, which are being renovated and rebuilt over the coming year. This commission grant, also includes the development of a branding logo, signage template, and style guide to be used by the Forest River Park and Pool facilities. See details below.

The Salem Public Art Commission, in conjunction with the City of Salem Department of Parks, Recreation, and Community Services; Mayor Kimberley Driscoll or her designee; neighborhood representatives; and bh+a (the architects for the pool restoration), will be the acting Art Jury managing the artist selection process. The selection process will include three phases:

• Phase 1: Open National Call for the Submission of Qualifications by interested parties. Questions about the project may be submitted in writing. Answers will be publicly posted. 3-5 artists/artist teams will be selected from the submission pool as finalists.
• Phase 2: Submission of design proposals by the 3-5 finalists. Finalists identified during phase 1 will be invited to create and submit a full design proposal for the project. A stipend of $500 will be provided to each selected artist/artist team.
• Phase 3: Public Input process and Interviews. Designs will be put on display in a public location and community members will be invited to choose their favorites and provide feedback. The Art Jury will conduct interviews with each Finalist. One artist will be selected by the Art Jury for this commission based on the finalists’ presentations, community input, and pending final formal approval by the Mayor.

To be considered for this commission, submit your qualifications via email to as well as by 4pm, Wednesday, September 30, 2020.

The Forest River Pool is in Forest River Park, a wooded area, located at 32 Clifton Ave, Salem, MA 01970. The park is situated on Salem Harbor, with coastline along over 50% of its boundary and residential neighborhoods abutting the remaining boundaries. This project is approximately 3.5 acres of the southeastern section of the park. Constructed in the early 20th century as a tidal bathing pool and bathhouse, the pool has undergone numerous alterations over the years, including a bathhouse constructed in the 20’s or 30’s, a major renovation in 1972 which created a kiddie pool, and a conversion from salt water to fresh water in 1999. The City of Salem closed the facility after the 2017 season. A design for a new pool and a renovation of the bathhouse is nearing completion and construction will be starting in the fall of 2020. The design includes a location for a new splash pad/spray deck, which has been identified as a location for a public art collaboration. In addition, there is a small filter building which faces the pool with an elevation that the City desires to incorporate into this project as a decorative vertical surface. Together these two areas are the basis of this RFQ. The current goal is to unveil the new spray deck and completed filter building facade in the late summer of 2021.

The selected artist or artist team will be provided with a $40,000 grant plus materials for the design and implementation of the two (2) two-dimensional (2D) elements as well as the design of a logo, signage template and over all style guide that is in keeping with the look and feel of the 2D elements created by the artist. The commission grant must cover all services from design development through to completion and implementation, including but not limited to: artist fee, travel/transportation, insurance, community meetings, research, coordination with City staff, consultants and the contractors, as well as any special material requests, fabrications, and installations. Standard material and construction costs are separate and will not be paid out of this grant but do have their own separate budget that must be adhered to which will be divulged during Phase 2 of the project.

Read the Full Call for Artists RFQ Here

Image Credit: Rick Rawlins Works