National Assembly Of State Arts Agencies


Shifting Policy and Practice: Insights and Actions for States.

2020 has been a watershed year for the arts, America and state arts agencies. Lives and livelihoods have been lost, and cracks in the foundation of American justice, public health and support for the arts have been called into stark relief. What’s next for the arts and state arts agencies? How can we catalyze positive change and forge a strong and equitable future, one in which the arts are the backbone of a society in which all will flourish?

This special series of online learning events—especially for state arts agency staff and council members—offers provocative perspectives and actionable ideas. Participation is free for all state arts agency staff and council members and regional arts organizations. Register for the whole series or participate in the sessions of your choice.

August 27: Pivot – Part 1
August 28: Pivot – Part 2
September 2: Building Bridges in a Time of Crisis
September 17: Equity Choice Points
September 30: New Opportunities for Creative Aging
October 14: Shifting the Narratives: Successful Messaging for Public Funding for the Arts
October 22: Business Bash

Michael W. Ibrahim, adjunct faculty, AR 550 – Raising Funds and Grant Writing will be one of the guest speakers for the August 28th Webinar : Pivot – Part 2. “Many state arts agencies are altering their programs to address the aftershocks of COVID-19 and financial losses for the arts field. What lessons can we draw from their adaptive practices to date? Join your colleagues for a virtual dialogue that will examine a variety of state arts agency response strategies. We’ll emphasize grant program adaptations as well as technical assistance services designed to bolster the sustainability of the arts sector.”  To register click here.

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Image Credit: NASAA; Art by Steve Johnson