Student Advisory Council

The Student Advisory Council of the BU Arts Initiative consists of graduate and undergraduate students who are committed to:

  • Increasing the visibility of the Arts at BU
  • Advising on the best uses of resources to support and advance the arts at BU
  • Advising on programs and priorities to increase arts engagement among students at BU
  • Increasing access to and participation with arts organizations in Boston
  • Actively supporting and participating in Arts Initiative programs

2013-2014 Student Advisory Council

Evan Bailey

Sophomore, CAS, Philosophy and Psychology

Ilana Berman

Junior, COM/CAS, Film/Television, History

Giselle Blanco-Santana

Freshman, CAS, International Relations

Kendrea Collins

Junior, COM, Advertising

Stephanie Creag

Sophomore, CFA, Sculpture

Amanda Daly Berman

Graduate Student, PhD, GRS, Musicology and Ethnomusicology

Michaela Fischer

Junior, SED, Secondary English Education

Ramsey Hidmi

Graduate Student, Masters, Law

Staci Hunter

Sophomore, SAR, Human Physiology

Wei-Nien (Winnie) Ko

Sophomore, CAS, History of Art and Architecture

Melissa Latham

Graduate Student, PhD, SED, Developmental Studies

Yoona Lee

Graduate Student, Masters, SMG, MBA

Raleigh Linville

Freshman, ENG, Biomedical Engineering

Nailya Maxyutova

Junior, COM, Mass Comm/Advertising

Josh McDonald

Graduate Student, PhD, GRS, Philosophy

Ashley Mountz

Freshman, SMG, Accounting

Shara Ogg

Sophomore, COM, Advertising, Minor in Art History

Alex Pettit

Sophomore, CAS, History

Benjamin Salus

Freshman, CFA, Theatre Arts

Danielle Stein

Junior, COM, Advertising

Vivian Vargas

Sophomore, CFA, Theatre Arts

Jeremy Weprich

Sophomore, CAS, Sociology

Gregory Wilson

Senior, COM, Public Relations