Student Advisory Council

The Student Advisory Council of the BU Arts Initiative consists of graduate and undergraduate students who are committed to:

  • Increasing the visibility of the Arts at BU
  • Advising on the best uses of resources to support and advance the arts at BU
  • Advising on programs and priorities to increase arts engagement among students at BU
  • Increasing access to and participation with arts organizations in Boston
  • Actively supporting and participating in Arts Initiative programs

2016-2017 Student Advisory Council

First Name Last Name Status College/School
Kimberly Barzola Senior CAS
Angie Bekerian Sophomore CGS
Angela Chen Junior CAS
Meghana Dwaraka Sophomore CAS
Rachel Eckles Junior CAS
Medeleine Freeman Junior CAS
James Hurlock Junior COM
Sarah Kim DMD Candidate SDM
Gisselle Martinez Sophomore CAS
Zachary McHale Senior CAS
Al Nadjarian MD Candidate MED
Sonali Paul Sophomore Questrom
Brittany Ross Graduate Student MET
Adrienne Rube Senior CAS
Beyza Sahin Junior CAS
Athalya Salim Junior CFA
Varsha Srivastava Junior COM
Brittany Wiltshire Junior CAS
Katelyn Wittkowski Sophomore CAS
Annie Wu Sophomore CAS
Shania Young Junior COM

Student will be assigned to the following committees:

  • Advocacy
  • Arts Insiders
  • Community Outreach
  • Marketing
  • Office Space
  • Special Events

Are you hosting an event or want to learn more: visit our website for some Talking Points about the Arts Initiative!