Silber Way Exhibition 2017/2018

All exhibited pieces are listed below in the order (L to R) in which they are displayed on the 8th and 9th floors of the 1 Silber Way Administration Building.

If you are interested in purchasing one of the pieces, please contact our office at or 617-358-0489 for the artists contact information.

8th Floor Exhibit: 

Scroll down for the pieces on the 9th floor.

Mary Gillis (BU Evergreen)
Parker River Salt Marsh, 2017
Solarplate Print
11″ x 15″

Gillis Parker River












Katherine Kominis (Staff/Alumni)
Elements: Spring, Woman with Flower, 2008
Digital Photo
20″ x 25″ Framed

Woman with Flower, #1









Jen Strasburger (Staff)
Impatience, 2017
Watercolor on Paper
18″ x 24″










Alla Lazebnik
Niagra Falls, 2016
16″ x 22″

Niagara Falls











9th Floor Exhibit

Erika Hess (Alumni)
Voyager 1, 2015
Oil on Canvas
14″ x 11″

15_Hess_Voyager_11x14_72dpi (1)











Joshua Brennan (Faculty/Staff)
Old Friend, 2014-2017
Mixed Media on Canvas
18″ x 18″

02_old friend_Josh_Brennan











Philip Carlino (Graduate Student)
Arboretum Beech, Jamaica Plain, 2016
Watercolor on Paper
16″ x 24″














Rene Rotondo (Alumni)
American Beauty, 2016
8″ x 10″