Silber Way Exhibition 2019/2020

All exhibited pieces are listed below in the order (L to R) in which they are displayed on the 8th and 9th floors of the 1 Silber Way Administration Building.

If you are interested in purchasing one of the pieces, please contact our office at or
617-358-0489 for the artists contact information.

8th Floor Exhibit: 

Scroll down for the pieces on the 9th floor

Central Bookings II y Brendan Cobb

Brendan Cobb (Alumni)
Central Bookings II, 2018
13.6” x 14″


Tired feet. But found this beauty by Matthew Dickey

Matthew Dickey (Alumni)
Tired feet. But found this beauty. 2016
Acrylic on panel
30″ x 40″


More Gratitude by Keith Kitz

Keith Kitz (Alumni)
More Gratitude, 2019
Mixed/Digital Print
27.5” x 39.3”


The Entrance, Cuba by Robert Littlefield

Robert Littlefield (Alumni)
The Entrance, Cuba, 2014
15” x 20”


9th Floor Exhibit

The Pursuit of Happiness by Emily Manning-Mingle

Emily Manning-Mingle (Alumni)
The Pursuit of Happiness, 2016
30” x 20”


Blue Wall by M. June Opper

M. June Opper (Alumni)
Blue Wall, 2015
Oil on Canvas
24” x 24”


Blue Moon by Gilliane Bader

Gilliane Bader (Retiree)
Blue Moon, 2017
Digital print on archival paper
32″ x 24″