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Mia’s Musings – October 22, 2012

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by Mia Cross (CFA ’14)


Did you get to see my a cappella group, Chordially Yours, open for the Dear Abbeys at the Parent’s Weekend show?! Good music, spontaneous break dancing, and plenty of parents to go around. It’s ok if you missed it, I’ll keep you posted on when the next show is.


Have you ever been to a show at the Paradise Rock Club? Tickets are reasonably priced and a lot of great bands perform there. However, as I recall from freshman year when I lived in Claflin, if you happen to reside in West campus you may be able to save yourself the ticket purchase and just stick your ear out your window.


These pictures are of some art I saw when I visited the Chelsea galleries in New York City with my professors and some classmates. Have you ever been to any galleries in Boston? Next time you are on Newbury Street or in the South End check out some art! It is free to look, you see.


This is Dona Nelson giving a lecture in the Jacob Sleep Auditorium earlier in the week. Nelson is a painter who explores abstraction in her works with the help of spontaneity and chance. Here is a link to her website The next artist to visit BU will be Amy Franceschini. She is an interdisciplinary artist who founded Futurefarmers.

Ever wonder what happens inside the CFA? Well this is pretty typical. This is one of my sculpture teachers concocting a paper mache substance that happens to look like vomit or guacamole depending on your outlook.

I thought that since we just celebrated Columbus Day, it would be cool to show a Leif Erikson Statue… This monument is actually located on Commonwealth Ave near Danielson. The artist is Anne Whitney and it was erected in 1887. pointed out that, “to this day a statue of John Hancock (and other revolutionary patriots) has never been erected in Boston, exemplifying the ancient tradition of whim-of-the-day planning in the city.” Pretty interesting.

Mia’s Musings – October 15, 2012

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by Mia Cross (CFA ’14)obamaromney

More street art! Pretty cool huh? Did you register to vote?



Last night I went to Brecht on Brecht, a play put on by the College of Fine Arts Theatre department. These shows are quite spectacular and best of all they are free! The actors love the support, so you should go check it out!



If you have walked past the GSU on Thursdays from 11 to 3 you must have noticed the beautiful farmer’s market! The market will be running until October 25th.  Take a look at this link to see where all the farmers have traveled from to deliver you their delicious products!



BU Central hosts tons of free events that will truly enrich your college experience. Because life is cooler underground.


On Saturday October 13th the Photographic Resource Center 2012 Benefit Auction will take place in the 808 Gallery. You don’t have to buy the art to support local artists, just take a spin through the gallery and look, appreciate, and think.

Mia’s Musings – October 12, 2012

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by Mia Cross (CFA ’14)



Art is all around us. Are you a fan of street art?


Around the fences on campus people have gradually started a beautiful collection of locks. In various cultures these are called love padlocks, love locks, or wish locks. Securing a lock to a fence is a method of symbolizing a couple’s everlasting love.


Fall is here. New England has the best foliage in the world! How do you define art? Are the dazzling changing trees art to you?



Looking for a place to gain some peace of mind? This Japanese Garden is located right outside the Museum of Fine Arts. After gaining some clarity, you should check out the art inside the place. It is one of the largest museums in the United States, and BU students get in for free, I hope you know!


BU is conveniently located extremely close to some of the best music venues in Boston. I saw Two Door Cinema club perform at the House of Blues last week, it was such a great show! Get out of the BU bubble and find the local music scene!

Mia’s Musings – Oct. 5, 2012

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by Mia Cross (CFA ’14)


On Friday October 5th, renowned Brazilian artist Vik Muniz will visit BU as part of the College of Fine Arts Lecture Series. Some of his most noteworthy work includes large-scale portraits of workers from Jardim Gramacho, the largest landfill in the world, which he created from trash and recyclable materials. Check out his inspiring documentary.


How many times have you passed by this artwork outside of Marsh and wondered what it is? On May 16, 1975 this piece entitled Free At Last was unveiled in memory of BU alumni Dr. Martin Luther King Junior. The sculptors name is Sergio Castillo. The fifty doves represent the fifty states soaring in peace and unison.


Did you know you can follow all of the food trucks on twitter? That way you can check out their hours and menu so you’ll never be left hungry. Take a look.