About Us

Our mission at the BU Arts Initiative is to ensure the integral role of the arts in the educational experience of every BU student. We support faculty, student, and staff projects, making sure the arts are deeply embedded within the cultural and intellectual fabric of the University.

In coordination with the Provost’s Arts Council, and with the support of our Student Advisory Council, we work to:

  • Raise the visibility of and bring recognition to the breadth and excellence of the arts at BU
  • Increase student access to and engagement with the arts at BU and in the Boston area, so that BU students develop an active and participatory role in the arts as a meaningful element of their BU experience
  • Support student, faculty, and staff initiatives that build community by engaging individuals in the practice of, participation in, and intellectual dialogue around art and art making
  • Encourage meaningful opportunities for the BU community and the Boston area community to connect via the arts

The BU Arts Initiative is a proud member of…

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Our Programs & Resources

Each semester, we partner with faculty to present a significant arts event. Programming is deeply embedded in the academic mission of the university, interdisciplinary, and usually engage multiple schools and programs within the university. In addition, Signature Event programming is expected to also provide opportunities to engage community partners, and as much as possible, be free and open to the public. Faculty who partner with us to curate residencies and other significant events become Faculty Arts Fellows. The spring 2017 Signature Event is a residency with AXIS Dance co-sponsored by the BU Dance Program, Disability Services, and Sargent College.

The Arts Insiders Program has been created to ensure that students develop an active and participatory role in the arts as a meaningful element of your BU experience and personal, academic and social development.  Here is how it works – students leaders from our Arts Council select a few exciting arts events in or around Boston each semester and students can sign up to attend free of charge.  Arts Insiders is a great way for students to meet new people and explore the Boston area.  Space for each event is limited so be sure to Sign up for the Arts Insiders notices which give you first dibs on upcoming trips and activities before we open them up to the general student body!

For more information please contact Adriana Ray at ajray@bu.edu.

We offer grants for faculty, students, and staff projects that directly engage BU students in the arts. The next deadline is March 18, 2016. We also offer Graduate Arts Research Grants and support two undergraduate summer research grants through the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program

We’ve made sure BU students have affordable—and in many cases free—access to the best of Boston’s art scene.

Each fall we coordinate an event to showcase arts programs and events at BU. Check out the participants in the Fall 2015 Arts Fair.

The BU Arts Initiative has several ways in which we can support faculty and arts programming in various schools and centers, including grants and marketing/promotion.

Sign up to receive an email every Thursday with a list of on campus arts events and other news for that week.


Our partnership with CAS Writing supports the expansion of the Arts Now program, which uses the arts (currently theatre, poetry, and jazz) as topics for the teaching of writing skills.

We partner with the College of Fine Arts on a number of initiatives and programs, including, but not limited to the MED Campus Outreach (see below), special events, art installations, conferences, performances, and workshops.

Through our partnership with the Medical Campus and the College of Fine Arts, we endeavor to expand the role of the arts in the lives of patients, students, and hospital staff. For more information on the art/wellness connection, visit the Global Alliance for Arts and Health.

The BU Arts Initiative is a proud member of MASSCreative, which works with creative leaders, working artists, arts educators and arts and cultural supporters to empower creative organizations and the public with a powerful voice to advocate for the resources and attention necessary to build vibrant, connected, and creative communities.

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Managing Director – Dr. Ty Furman

Administrative Coordinator – Sarah Collins

Graduate Assistant – Adriana Ray

Student Staff – Jordy Shulman and Yadira Flores