Thesis The End

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May 7th, 2012

Last Friday was the School of Visual Arts Senior Thesis Opening. I regularly attend shows at the 808 Gallery, but this show, for obvious reasons, was near and dear to my heart. Starting Monday last week, the senior sculptors, graphic designers, printmakers and painters of BU began hauling their work over from the College of Fine Arts to 808 Comm Ave to begin assembling the show.

thesisWe began the laborious process of arranging and installing the show. Each of us had work we were proud of, but sharing the space with nearly 60 of our peers, we all had to learn to compromise. With so many unique pieces of work and so many different points of view, color palettes, and perspectives, I shouldn’t have been surprised that many of us were putting the final touches together the day of the opening.

The sweat, tears, and bruises from the miscalculated swings of our hammers were well worth it. Standing in the crowded gallery space Friday night with our families (both biological and acquired), friends, educators, and mentors, filled me with a welcome mixture of nostalgia and pride. I couldn’t help but remember four years ago when I met my classmates in our very first Drawing Foundations class and we all recoiled in horror upon learning we would only be allowed to use pencils for an entire semester. I also remember a time when we studied ourselves silly while trying to memorize medieval altarpieces for our art history final. And our first critique. How we learned to stretch canvases together. And how we ultimately selected our majors and never looked back.

The Senior Thesis Show was our last chance to look back.

Now that the trance of the show has been lifted, I look forward towards our last couple of weeks as Terriers. Congratulations to the School of Visual Arts Class of 2012. I wish my peers luck, joy, success and creativity.

Arielle (CFA ’12) has two simple missions in life: paint and create. She is a self-proclaimed tea snob, an avid people watcher, a critic, and the keeper of useless movie trivia. Want her to check out your event? Don’t be shy! Contact her via Twitter — @brembles