What To Watch This Fall Season

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September 28th, 2011

And no, I’m not going to be talking about Modern Family, Big Bang Theory, or New Girl. I’m talking about the new shows coming to BUTV10. (That’s Boston University’s own television station, for those who may be otherwise uninformed.)

While BUTV10 has had fictional television shows such as Bay State and CoEd for years now, the network as a whole has slowly been transitioning to a steady diet of reality-type programming, mainly news shows and game shows. Now, I don’t mean to disregard the quality of some of these programs, as many of our news shows have won Telly Awards the past several seasons.  I am just really, really, really excited to see the network expanding its programming to embrace the art that is narrative television. (Okay, so maybe I’m a little biased in calling television an art because I am a television major, but I know the vast majority of the population will admit to really enjoying at least one show. And if you don’t admit that, I think you’re just pulling my leg.)

Welcome Back, Brotter

Its official description on the BUTV10 website states:

“What began as a a few kids in Warren Towers with a camera and internet access has become a television series on an award-winning network. The sitcom revolves around two kids trying (and failing brutally) to stand out in a big school in a big city. The everyday hilarity of college life is shown in a variety of narrative and cinematic styles (think Fellini in a frat house).”

I have a lot of respect for the crew behind Welcome Back, Brotter A) because they have a really great TV pun in their name (a spoof of Welcome Back, Kotter) and A) because they developed, wrote, produced and edited this show without any help from BU or COM their freshman year in college. That’s a real passion for ones major that you don’t always see. And, not to mention, it is pretty dang funny. Here is one of my favorite webisodes of theirs:

Look for new episodes of Welcome Back, Brotter at http://butv10.com/welcomebackbrotter

Student Shorts

Student Shorts

Student Shorts, the show that has a pretty self-explanatory name. But I am going to explain it anyway because I have all the blog power in this entry! Essentially, the show features a variety of short films created by the film students in COM, the chosen best from a variety of production classes.  Again, I will admit to my (slight and only very slight) bias towards programming like this because of my particular major.

However, I can’t help myself. I really this it is wonderful to finally allow the greater BU population to see the work that is coming out of COM. CFA has many outlets for their arts, with various performance spaces and gallery viewings, but COM’s events are more sporadic, and besides for the Redstones, not highly advertised.

Maybe this post is just me getting back at all the middle-aged people who ask me “So what are you going to do with that major?” Television (good television, not 72% of reality programming) is an art. It is a common experience that evokes emotion, sends a message, and tells a story. And you can say that about every great play, opera or concerto.

And as far as BUTV10 is concerned, I know you’re not going to make it your number one go-to channel (although you certainly could), but I really encourage you all to check it out from time to time to see some of the real talent at work.


A post brought to you by Liz Breen, BU senior, film and television major, lover/aspiring connoisseur of the offbeat. Post/event suggestions welcome via Twitter – @beinglizbreen!