Weekly Compliance Report: September 25

COVID on Campus

Weekly Compliance Report: September 25

The numbers show that most students are remaining vigilant—but one Romeo and Juliet learned the consequences of breaking quarantine

September 25, 2020
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A contagious virus, nasal swabs, quarantines, social distancing, masks, and everything else that comes with COVID-19 don’t exactly add up to a recipe for romance.

That’s the backdrop to why two BU students are not allowed on campus for the rest of the semester. They live off campus, separately, and both were in quarantine after being identified as close contacts of someone who tested positive for the coronavirus. But wanting to connect in person, rather than on Facetime, they went down their respective fire escapes, broke quarantine, got reported, and that was the end of that.

“When you break quarantine, and leave your space, you endanger others,” Kenneth Elmore (Wheelock’87), associate provost and dean of students, says of the pair. “Does it break my heart? Yes. Absolutely. I’m about love like everybody else.” But, he adds, these are unusual times. “You’re undoing all the hard work others are doing to keep the campus safe.”

As for the majority of the BU community, Elmore says he’s pleased with how students are complying overall. Just 5 students are one warning away from being banned on campus for violating protocols, the number of reports of people not wearing masks rose from 3 to 10, and very few students (4 since September 1) have required assistance because of excessive alcohol, down from 27 for the same period the year before. “We are not seeing blowout parties of 100 people,” Elmore says.

One big challenge is looming. Cooler temperatures will move students indoors more, where masks are especially critical. “Hopefully they adjust,” Elmore says. “But overall, I’m pretty pleased.”

Current #Last Week #Description
12,1597,685Warnings issued for not submitting daily attestations
614307Warnings issued for missing or failing to schedule COVID-19 tests
103Reports of students failing to pull up their mask when asked
42Reports of students not social distancing in public
1819Reports of off-campus gatherings without face coverings
22Reports of on-campus gatherings without face coverings
019Students disciplined (meaning one more citation and they are suspended)
00Reports of isolation / quarantine housing violations
33Reports of guest violations
Week of Sep 14 to Sep 24

Covid Compliance Numbers

September 25

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Weekly Compliance Report: September 25

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There are 12 comments on Weekly Compliance Report: September 25

  1. I have to applaud the university here. Everyone asks for transparency and is always upset when they don’t get it. In this case, we know the answers. Is it draconian right now, sure! But if you want to be back in person, engaging in classes and society as a whole during a pandemic, this is unfortunately what it takes right now. Look at all of the other schools that opened with little to no plan and the spikes they are seeing. So many of them are now fully remote. Oh, and most of them are on residential campuses with little outside exposure. We are in a city with public transit and 30 other schools and a month in we have low numbers. So does it stink to have these measures in place? Absolutely…..but BU is showing the world that school can happen in this unfortunate world.

  2. This is abhorrent. Both quarantining, living off campus, AND only saw each other, and they get a suspension? Meanwhile President Brown is emailing the student body encouraging us to join public protests? Whats the plan here, BU? The school has confusing, and in places seemingly arbitrary, stances on what level of exposure is allowed before such a harsh and swift consequence is imposed on a young person.

    1. I completely agree. Also, asking ANY humans, especially 18-22 year-olds, to not engage in physical intimacy is a human rights violation. Turning other students into foot-soldiers for the Nanny State is a VERY baddddd look, BU.

  3. Total bs I know both students both tested negative this is a damn shame to be a BU student… Leadership is hypocritical. Are they not seeing their partners? Are their partners testing as consistently as these athletes? No… these two lived 1000 miles apart all summer and saw each other twice since being back on campus and now they lost scholarships… president brown is a crook

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