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There are 14 comments on Student Environmentalists on Alum Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal: Yes, Please

  1. It has just one flaw: it ignores everything about how the economy and people function. Anyone can collect a bunch “goals” in a document without stopping to think of how the world before their eyes actually works. Is ignorance behind it all? Not likely, as she is anything but stupid. I’ll leave it to you to decide what are the motivations behind such a delirious document

    1. Its has many flaws an written by someone who has no concept of money. And who would fund this trash, taxpayers. America does need to get greener but I’m not paying a carbon tax to do it. Its pure socialist garbage.

    2. Aiming high increases the chances of achieving one’s goals. There is no time to waste in confronting climate disruption..

      BTW, credit is also due to MA Senator Ed Markey, a key ally of AOC. Thank you both!

      1. But we better confront it with reality if we are to do something effective, for God’s sake. It’s as if the challenge of climate change weren’t already colossal. No no, you have to top it off with with a movement that gathers support for the use of illusory miraculous schemes to solve it.

        And thanks for pointing out the other people who wrote the document, by the way. That just corroborates for my previous point: these people aren’t stupid! So what are they, really?

  2. She is an embarrassment to BU and all of its graduates. Where did she learn that you can spend $3 billion in tax credits??? What about the loss of jobs from Amazon and the multiplier effect.

  3. I am so astonished by Ms. Cortez’ economic ignorance that I had to visit the university’s web site. I am encouraged to see that some commenters feel as I do, that she is an embarrassment to the university. I can only imagine her economics professors hiding their faces each time she speaks – not a good advertisement for your school. I recommend a new course: The Dangers of Economic Ignorance using clips from AOC interiews.
    To the students I say, be prepared to get your education after you graduate. Don’t for a minute think you’re done when you get your BU diploma.

  4. People concerned about GND costs should be asking how we can afford to keep propping up the fossil fuel industry instead. Fossil fuels are a losing part of BU’s investment portfolio, for example.
    On the state scale, Massachusetts ratepayers are committed to paying $9.6B through 2035 to replace leaking gas pipelines across the Commonwealth – money better spent on a Green New Deal that could convert 20-40% of MA homes to modern electric heating. That’s OUR money. Across the US, fossil fuels are subsidized by taxpayers by more than $20B Every YEAR. After a century of economic control why does the fossil industry needs $20+B of annual subsidies?
    Fossil fuel subsidies need to be stopped NOW. Reallocating these subsidies & diverting funds from our obscenely bloated military budget can bring jobs and the clean energy economy for all.
    Owen, Masha, Bolaji & many more courageous Sunrise & DivestBU students see our situation more clearly & with more maturity & the rightful sense of urgency than mostly asleep so-called leaders. Don’t underestimate the power of our young people. They’ve already changed the national & international conversation on climate as no other generation has. My faculty & staff colleagues need to step up and have their backs.

    1. Major problem, the GND as written in the time proscribed isn’t technologically possible. The attempt may even cause irreparable global environmental damage. Young people are great, ideas equally so, reality is best of all.

  5. The Green New Deal has a lot of exciting energy and momentum behind it. This is political capital that should not be put to waste. My biggest criticism of this proposal is that it makes climate policy seem arduous, expensive and untenable by pairing it with numerous, tangentially related social programs and therefore opens itself up to unnecessary resistance from fiscal conservatives.

    A resolution like this should spur discussion but instead it scares off compromise with a large projected price tag. Why not introduce a carbon-tax bill until there is more support for the other social programs? Researchers have shown that carbon taxes are environmentally effective, cost-efficient, and relatively easy to administer. There is a strong chance that such a policy could garner bipartisan support in Congress and actually start to bring about positive environmental change.

    It’s great to be excited about resolutions, but I’ll be holding my enthusiasm until someone starts to propose some real policy solutions.

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