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There are 4 comments on MED Cardiologist on What New Blood Pressure Recommendations Mean

  1. My sistolic bp always on higher side ie 170 whereas diasotolic remain at75. Tried all types of bp medicine but in vain. Pl advise suitable treatment. my age is 67 years.weight 70 kg.

    1. Hello Mohammad,

      If you don’t get any helpful information soon, please consider trying a site that may have ‘more foot traffic’ such as WebMD. I have no affiliation but would like you not waiting too long for help, just in case there would be something going on. If we don’t act ?pre/?pro actively we may not get the help we need. Sometimes we have be more aggressive to get answers. Please don’t wait too long.

      Best Of Health!

  2. I have high bp. I take medicine for it. I am not over weight, I eat fruits and veggies, I exercise. No matter what I do, I still cannot lower it. I am in the range of 145 to 150 over 85 to 90 most of the time. It worries me. I am 84 & 1/2 years of age. I have been very active my entire life and want to remain that way. What else can I do to lower my bp? Thank you.

    1. Hi Betty,

      Until someone truly qualified replies I have a though or two since I am close to someone who is being treated for related issues. Some things to consider with HBP: do you eat/ drink a lot of store bought foods? Do you drink sport drinks? Add salt to your foods? Most foods and drinks have trace to high amounts of sodium which can keep your numbers up even if you are doing everything else right. (Ketchup, sauces, Bread/ stuffing) Also, what kinds of caffeine products are in your diet? Are you getting enough fluids? and do you have family stressors, especially unresolved; or read/ watch a lot of News or TV dramas . . . these things can play a part.

      I doubt this is something, but either as a cause or a side effect, some people need an oxygen supplement to reduce health issues. Do you have a 90% Oxygen concentration in your blood? Does your doctor (or you) use a Pulse/ Oxygen meter to check your stats? If you are below 90% there may be something going on. If your doctor isn’t much help Try WebMD since it may have more traffic. Since I know people that have ‘slipped through so many cracks’ with primary care doctors, I try to get them to a good clinic or really any second opinion for feedback. Whatever is affordable or low Co-Pay, and not abusing public resources.
      Time un-diagnosed, if it would ever come to that, can make any treatment more arduous.

      On a personal note, you are quite inspiring! Keep up the great work.
      Good Luck and take Care.

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