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There are 17 comments on Queer Theology: Does God Hate Gay People?

  1. I am sure this was (another) innocent mistake, but the “voters” have not affirmed same-sex “marriage” but rather judges (many times in small, minor jurisdictions) have forced it on the voters who explicitly voted against it.

        1. Three states have voted for same sex marriage in 2012. Remember, majority of states that voted against it happened almost ten years ago. Current polls show firm majorities support equality in most of those states.

    1. “judges … have forced it on the voters who explicitly voted against it”

      Good work by the judges. Civil & human rights should not be subject to the partisan whims of voters. I value democracy as much as anyone, maybe more than most who want to vote away others’ rights. But rights are universal, not to be taken away or compromised by an uncomprehending public. Exercising the right of same-sex marriage harms no one, & does nothing to its opponents. get over it, please.

    2. Well I guess now the mistake is on you since SCOTUS now voted. So what you’re saying is that some judge is going around forcing you to marry someone of the same sex???? That’s horrible. Voters who vote against same sex marriage are doing so out of their own hate. If you are not the one getting married to the same sex, you really should stick your nose in your own business instead of deliberately trying to ruin other peoples lives…good people who don’t care about you and would gladly stay away from you forever, boy…. grow up.

  2. “Roman Catholicism and Methodism, preach a confusing message, damning homosexual acts as sin while exhorting members to love the sinner.”
    The Catholic Church calls ALL to chastity, specifically teaching that sexual intercourse belongs exclusively within the context of a valid marriage between a man and a woman. This is based on 2 millennia of “Reason, Experience, Scripture, Tradition”—not the opinions of “secular society” or “public policy”.
    And, for this very reason, the Catholic Church never will “play catch-up to secular society on this one”. http://couragerc.org/

    1. Thank you Christopher.

      Also, this “confusing message” is exactly what we Catholics say with regard to those who practice drug abuse, swindling our employers or our employees, heterosexual cheating, habitual dishonesty, manipulativeness… along with anger, greed, laziness, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony. In short, we Catholics recognize that we are no less sinners than any other human. It is this insistence on love that makes Christianity uniquely non-judgmental of people while being clearly discerning of actions and motives. The Christian hates to see another person loved by Christ, in the image of Christ, destroying himself with sin. Somehow it doesn’t seem like a very confusing message any more, because it is the only message Love can have to clumsy, stupid erring people like us.

      1. Yeah, but I think christianity dies in the western world because people are getting sick of hearing about “sin” that makes no sense. Most regard sin as something that harms others-so being gay cant be sin. Just like cutting your hair, eating shellfish-even cursing your parents (in Mathew, Jesus orders kids put to death for that sin!). Birth control of course too-over 95% of catholics admit to using it, but it is regarded as sin…silly religious primitive thinking!

    2. Honestly, I also did not find what was described as the Roman Catholic and Methodist view to be particularly confusing. Jesus said that it is the sick who need a doctor, not those who are well. Showing love to many kinds of sinners and calling them out of their wickedness and into the Kingdom of Heaven was near, or at, the heart of His ministry. We, who follow him, are called to walk as He did.

      1. Fine, but define “wickedness”. Scripture condones slavery, and death by stoning for uppity wives and disobedient sons. Clearly, these things were not at one time deemed “wicked”. Scripture has been cited to refute the “wicked” notion that the earth revolves around the sun, to refute the “wickedness” or unnaturalness of interracial marriages and interfaith marriages, to justify a husband “ruling” his wife (and by extension, to explain why women shouldn’t vote), to insist that women cover their “pride and lust stirring” hair in church, to justify the exclusion of certain people from burial in consecrated ground, even to refute an “unnatural” preference for “democracy” over rule by a God-ordained king. Yesterday’s “sin” is often today’s “acceptable”, and those who claim that notions of “sin” never change are deluding themselves. There is NO one who does or does not do, everything that Scripture commands or abjures, in regards to what is lawful or sinful. That many of these same people seize on certain Scripture certified “sins” to the point of obsession, while dismissing the rest as “irrelevant”, is inexplicable.

    3. Reason, experience, Scripture and Tradition aside, the Church has had problems with human sexuality for centuries. At one time church fathers railed against marriage (sex), stressing chastity and celibacy instead. When sex between husband and wife became more “acceptable”, having been put into the context of marriage as a sacrament, the Church still had problems with it. Sex was for procreation only, and could not be engaged in on certain days or times of the year, according to the Church calendar. Deformed children were seen as being evidence of the breaking of this norm. When children grew up and left the home, parents were expected to not have sex anymore, and to live as brother and sister, or enter religious houses. Birthdays at one time were not celebrated (some Orthodox Christians still adhere to this) because they were reminders of “parental lust”. The name days of saints took their place. Sitting with your legs crossed was deemed improper, almost sinful, because by doing so, you formed a “cross” with your “vile, lower parts”. There’s nothing wrong with having guidelines in regards to sexual relations, but damage done from centuries of splitting the human psyche via pitting spirit against flesh, by saddling people with guilt for having sexual attractions, and by turning something that is joyous and from God into a portal to hell, is incalculable.

  3. I don’t like the way the church sees gay people, because they see being gay as being a sin, when in actuality it is just the way they are born. they can’t help it. it’s not a lifestyle choice and it angers me when it is seen and described as such.

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