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1881450376 Craft & Modernity: Professional Women Artists in Boston (1890-1920)
The illustrated exhibition catalogue with an essay by exhibition curator Caroline Riley and contributions by Diana Joceyln Greenwold, Nonie Gadsden, and Patricia Hills. 60 pages and with 15  plates.$10
Making Connections Making Connections: The Art and Life of Herbert Gentry
The illustrated exhibition catalogue with an essay by Rachel Tolano and biographical essay by Mary Anne Rose Gentry.  48 pages and with 14 color plates.$15
1881450341 Leidy Churchman: EmergencyThe publication accompanies Leidy Churchman’s exhibition Lazy River, and includes essays by Manuela Ammer, John Kelsey, and Lanka Tattersall. $20
Teaching the Body Teaching the Body: Artistic Anatomy in the American Academy, from Copley, Rimmer, and Eakins to Contemporary ArtistsThe illustrated exhibition catalogue with contributions by Professor Patricia Hills and essays by Naomi Slipp & David Dearinger, Susan Morse Hilles Curator of Paintings & Sculpture & Head of the Art Department, Boston Athenaeum.$20
Vlatka Lexicon of Spatial Dysfunction, Volume I: Top Along Below InsideAccompanying Vlatka Horvat’s installation, “Also Called: Backbone, Anchor, Life”, is the first volume, Top Along Below Inside, from a larger project titled: Lexicon of Spatial Dysfunction. Described by Horvat as “an incomplete dictionary of terms, images, and text fragments,” the catalog includes contributions by Tim Etchells, Vlatka Horvat, Sam Moyer, William Lamson, Ruth van Beek, Wilfredo Prieto, Kilian Rüthemann, Vanessa Billy, Elena Bajo, Ian Pedigo, and Virginia Overton. $15
BUAG-SimpaticoCatalogue Simpatico  Published on occasion of the exhibition featuring the works of Polly Apflebaum,Nicole Cherubini, Cheryl Donegan, Dana Frankfort, Joanne Greenbaum, Jenny Monick, Carrie Moyer, Dona Nelson and Laurel Sparks.$5
Hungry for Death Hungry for Death: Destroy All MonstersEssays by Byron Coley and Branden JosephEdited by Cary Loren with assistance from James Hoff68 pages  $25 book with a CD of music by Destroy All Monsters
$20 book without CD
dwtd Dancing with the Dark: Joan Snyder Prints 1963-2010Essay by Marilyn Symmes, 176 pagesbuy from Amazon


ReddicliffeCover Harold Reddicliffe – Paintings from Three DecadesEssays by Lynne E. Cooney and Joshua Buckno48 pages, 24 color plates


Shape of Abstraction The Shape of AbstractionEssay by Rachael Arauz, PhD64 pages, 16 color plates, 5 black & white reproductions$15
Sidney Hurwitz Sydney Hurwitz: Five DecadesEssay by Patricia Hills32 pages, 17 color reproductions$15
Atomic Afterimage Atomic Afterimage: Cold War Imagery in Contemporary Art Exhibition and Essay by Keely Orgeman
Foreward by Patricia Hills
64 pages, 16 color plates$15
Vernacular In the Vernacular: Photography of the Everydayby Stacey McCarroll Cutshaw and Ross Barrett
with essays by Bernard L. Herman and Daile Kaplan96 pages, 75 color reproductions$15
Surrounded by Water Surrounded by Water: Expressions of Freedom and Isolation in Contemporary Cuban ArtExhibition and Essay by Natania Remba
Introduction by Antonio Eligio Fernández (Tonel)64 pages, 16 color and 2 B/W reproductions$15
To Fly To Fly: Contemporary Aerial PhotographyExhibition and Essay by Kim Sichel104 pages, 29 color and 22 B/W reproductions$25
Territories Territories of Terror: Mythologies and Memories of the Gulag in Contemporary Russian-American ArtExhibition and Essay by Svetlana Boym56 pages, 25 4-color reproductions$10
PhotogBostonCover A Photographic Portrait of Boston, 1840–1865Exhibition and Catalogue by Anna Lee Kamplain
with a Preface by Stacey McCarroll64 pages, 50 B/W reproductions$10
Syncopated Syncopated Rythms: 20th-Century African American Art from the George and Joyce Wein CollectionCatalogue Essay by Patricia Hills
Artist Entries by Patricia Hills and Melissa Renn
Foreword by Ed Bradley100 pages, 64 color reproductions$25

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